This 40-Pound Pizza Burger Thing Is The Best/Grossest Way to Donate $2,000 to Hurricane Victims

“Everybody said I was crazy, I was out of my mind, how are you going to cook it? How are you going to put it all together?”
If You Really Care About Hurricane Victims, You'll Buy This $2,000 40-Pound Pizza Burger Thing
Photos: Getty Images/Instagram

The week after Hurricane Florence ripped through North and South Carolina, one Charleston pizza joint decided that it would do what it could to help those who were affected by the storm. Famulari’s Brick Oven Pizzeria announced that a portion of the proceeds from its delivery orders would be donated to Americares, an organization that provides emergency medical care and medical supplies to communities that are recovering from natural disasters.


Meanwhile, the owner of seven New York City pizzerias decided that he’d go even bigger. Champion Pizza started selling a 40-pound, five-layer cheeseburger pie, and he promised that every penny of its $2,000 pricetag would be donated to Hurricane Florence recovery efforts.

According to PIX11, the pizza is so big (and here’s where you yell “HOW BIG IS IT?”) that it has to be cut in half and baked in two shifts. HOW BIG IS IT? The pizza is so big that it takes at least two people to carry. HOW BIG IS IT? The pizza is so big, that it shouldn’t ride in a rear-facing car seat.

Champion Pizza’s general manager told AM New York that the pizza is big enough to feed 20 people but, good lord, that’s assuming that those 20 people are each down with two-pound servings. Regardless, it includes 15 pounds of ground Kobe beef, ten pounds of cheese, lettuce, tomato, organic pizza sauce and a special house-blend of pizza dough. The ingredients alone, uh, weigh in at around 500 bucks, so not every dollar goes to hurricane relief, but the leftovers still make for a big donation.

Within two weeks of its launch, Champion Pizza had sold 15 of the pies—and five of them were bought by one unnamed person who has enough room in his or her kitchen to serve 200 pounds of pizza. (MUNCHIES has reached out ot Champion to find out how many of these pizzas have been sold, period, but has not yet received a response).

“[W]hen the hurricane happened, I said, ‘Let’s put more money, make a big pizza like something no one’s done yet,’” Champion Pizza CEO Hakki Akdeniz said. “Everybody said I was crazy, I was out of my mind, how are you going to cook it? How are you going to put it all together?”

He seems to have figured it out—and he actually did it before Hurricane Florence appeared in either Carolina. According to a picture posted to the Champion Pizza Instagram, a version of the Pizza Burger was built at the end of June. “Here’s a little something we put together, introducing the “PIZZA BURGER,” the caption reads. “Is anyone willing or brave enough to even make an attempt at eating this monstrosity?”

Maybe they didn’t get any takers during the summer. Or maybe they wanted to save it for a special occasion or an ultra-good cause. Either way, it’s nice to know that 40 pounds of pizza is just a phone call away. You can start a Gofundme for a pizza, right?