Please Let the Giant Skull Asteroid End Us All

Bring it on.
October 4, 2018, 4:00pm
Illustration of the asteroid via JOSÉ ANTONIO PEÑAS/SINC/Creative Commons

Happy early Halloween, everybody: An asteroid shaped like a goddamn skull is currently heading toward Earth, as if you needed yet another reminder that our garbage world has somehow turned into the plot of a hacky B-movie, LiveScience reports.

The 2,000-foot-wide asteroid was initially discovered a few years ago, when it made its first pass by our planet on Halloween 2015 like some kind of cosmic spooky skeleton meme. At the time, the asteroid, which is likely a dead comet, did a pretty tight flyby, coming within 302,000 miles of Earth. That's just 1.3 times the distance between us and the moon.


Now, the cursed space Skeletor is on its way back to grace us with its terrifying presence once again on November 11—and at this point, let's just hope it ends us all.

According to LiveScience, the asteroid, which has been officially dubbed Asteroid 2015 TB145 by some brutally uncreative scientists, probably won't make us go the way of the dinosaurs next month. It's only expected to come within 24 million miles of Earth, which is about 80 times farther away than its last visit.

That means that unfortunately—or, uh, fortunately, depending on how you feel about the current state of society—the giant space skull isn't expected to bash into our world and completely decimate everything. It's not a celestial bringer of death, here to drive itself straight into our world and put an end to this massive failed experiment of humanity once and for all. For that, we'll have to wait until 2082, the next time the asteroid is expected to make another pass by Earth, and who knows what kind of ruin our society will be in by then.

Hopefully, the scattered survivors of the second water wars will be able to take a break from licking moisture off the walls of their bunkers to notice the skull on the asteroid's next flyby, provided that all of the world's technology wasn't fully fried in the sustained nuclear blasts. Until then, bow before the giant interstellar face and show it what you got.

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