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Watch 30,000 liters of bubbly explode out of its tank at an unspecified winery in Conegliano.
Screengrab via Facebook 

A video has gone viral on Facebook showing a gigantic stainless steel tank spewing out an ocean of wine. You can see the wine pouring down on a forklift that is quickly starting to look more like a submarine. It’s a horrific, mesmerizing scene which kind of makes me want to grab a glass and go frolic underneath it.

The video was posted on Facebook by L’enoteca Zanardo saying, “Conegliano: too much must in the silos, 30,000 liters of Prosecco spilling over.” But this is where the plot thickens: the mishap did not go down at L’enoteca Zanardo (which is located in Giussano, approximately 3 hours away from Conegliano). “It’s a video that they shot [for] me,” a L’enoteca Zanardo employee told MUNCHIES, but declined to elaborate which winery actually was responsible.


Apparently, an employee at this undisclosed winery in Conegliano, the heartland of Prosecco, stood by and filmed this incredible scene because—let’s be honest, it doesn’t look like there’s much else he or she could have done.

Although the posted video said that the reason behind this unfortunate accident was an overfilled tank, the internet (as always) disagrees. Some are blaming a broken lid, but that doesn’t explain the gravity-defying wine shooting from the top. Or does it? Most Prosecco is made in a way using a method (the Charmat method, if you’re nerdy) where the secondary fermentation happens in a stainless steel pressure tank. So, if someone fucked with the lid, I guess it could go sideways quickly.

It’s also possible that the culprit is DAP, aka diammonium phosphate, a yeast nutrient which is sometimes added in the must to help the fermentation process. But if you add too much too quickly—well, just look at the video.

Still another theory is that rectified concentrated grape must was added through the racking valve located at the bottom of the tank instead of from the top (basically, butt-chugging for yeast) and this caused the yeast to go bananas. Sure. Not impossible. Whatever the case, a winning theory is that the yeast had a big party and we weren’t invited.

“I heard one guy dropped a Mentos in it,” says one Facebook conspiracy theorist. Also plausible.