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Meet Spitfire the Flying Dog

Spitfire is a five-year-old whippet with at least five world records. And he just seems to keep getting better.
Screen capture via Twitter/@xxlfunny1

The world is chock full of good dogs. But there really can only be one best good dog, can't there? Enter Spitfire, the best good dog in the world. Athletically speaking, that is.

Spitfire is kind of like the Serena Williams of dogs, in that he's the GOAT. Except maybe he's more like Michael Phelps. Or maybe Jim Thorpe. I dunno—it's hard to really make a comparison. He's a dog.

But just check it out. Spitfire has broken not one, not two, but five world records in his five-year-old life (and that's just as of June 18, per Outside). This pooch is built like a self-launching javelin that can go the distance—and the height. Just check out Spitfire claiming a world record for long jump:


This insane 31-foot distance that Spitfire flings himself comes from just a mere 20-foot build-up. Making more than a 1.5x return on his build up distance.

And if you think this lends itself to Spitfire playing a mean game of fetch, you'd be absolutely correct. He has a record for that too:

Also, since Spitfire is simply into the x-treme, he doesn't just limit himself to horizontal distance. He's got the height game on lockdown. Check him out reaching an eight foot vertical (which, duh, broke a record):

Perhaps the most impressive part is knowing that Spitfire, being a dog, might not even know that he's competing. Maybe he'd jump even farther if he did know. But who are we kidding? Of course Spitfire knows. He's the GOAT.

[h/t SB Nation]