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'Hereditary' Cast: Movie 'Sits in Your Body for the Rest of Your Life'

This new featurette from the cast leaves potential audiences with one final, ominous promise.

Hereditary, the horror film billed as "a new generation's The Exorcist," hits theaters this Friday, but it's already completely traumatized Sundance, SXSW, some kids in Australia, and early audiences, who've more or less collectively agreed that it's the scariest movie of the year. But if the film's disturbing trailers or freaky-ass Etsy doll store haven't already solidified that idea for you, the cast just released a short featurette about making the deeply unsettling new flick, promising audiences at home that the thing "will haunt people."


Toni Collette, who plays the matriarch of the family, sat down with co-stars Gabriel Byrne (her on-screen husband), Alex Wolff (their brooding teenage son), and Milly Shapiro (their dead-bird obsessed daughter) to talk about the "really dysfunctional family" and the emotional trauma the film wages on audiences. It doesn't reveal all that much new footage—we still get glimpses of that creepy doll house, some scissors decapitating a bird, and a figure completely engulfed in flames—but it does leave people with one final, ominous promise:

"This is a movie that sits in your body for the rest of your life," Wolff says.

Check out the new featurette above and think long and hard about whether you really want pay money to see a movie that's been called "pure emotional terrorism."

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