Meet One Of Sydney’s Most Notorious Underworld Enforcers

Graham Henry ran the city with ruthless violence.
June 7, 2018, 3:20am

As a nation we view violence as necessary, disgusting and fascinating — depending on who is perpetrating it. Across our new series Violent Times, VICE seeks to deconstruct our complex relationship to it.

In episode one, we meet Graham 'Abo' Henry. For almost 30 years, Henry and his partner Neddy Smith ruled the Sydney underworld with the endorsement of Australia’s most crooked cop, Roger Rogerson. Together they went head-to-head with other gangs, drug-dealers, bent cops, and finally each other.

Graham enforced violence through the criminal underworld, raking in millions, and living by his own code of honour: one of looking after your mates, and never dobbing on them. His criminal career came to an end on what is known as Sydney’s deadliest pub crawl. An altercation that culminated in Henry stabbing police prosecutor Mal Spence in the stomach and throat.

To learn more about Graham, check out his book 'A Treacherous Life' here.

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