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JetBlue Is Totally Cool with Your Emotional Support Miniature Horse

But hedgehogs, ferrets, snakes, and spiders are a no-go.
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
Photo of JetBlue plane by Flickr user ERIC SALARD; photo of mini horse by Flickr user Abbey Johnson

At a time when United Airlines has turned away an emotional support peacock and Spirit has allegedly forced at least one person to flush her emotional support hamster down the toilet, JetBlue decided to update its policy on the specialized pets—clarifying that, yes, it is perfectly acceptable to bring an emotional support miniature horse on your flight.

In a press release Tuesday, the airline unveiled new, stricter guidelines for getting cleared to fly with an emotional support animal, forcing customers to declare their pets and file three documents—including signed forms from a doctor and a vet—at least 48 hours before takeoff. JetBlue also specified that it counts "only dogs, cats, and miniature horses" as emotional support animals, before somewhat needlessly going on to list all the creatures it won't let onboard, from "animals with tusks" to sugar gliders:


Weirdly enough, emotional support miniature horses are apparently a thing. American Airlines and United both allow them on flights, and at least one of the tiny, majestic beasts apparently made it onto a Southwest plane.

So congratulations, all you emotional support miniature horse owners out there, on Tuesday's big win. May you always be free to take your elegant, undersized steeds jet-setting across the country with you—as long as you're not too worried about having to cram them into an overhead bin.

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