Jason Bateman Apologized for 'Mansplaining' in That Awful 'NYT' Interview

The 'Arrested Development' star made a huge mistake.

Following Wednesday's mess of an interview between the Arrested Development cast and the New York Times, Jason Bateman took to Twitter to apologize to co-star Jessica Walter, saying he was "extremely embarrassed" for his insensitive comments.

In the Times conversation, Walter, who plays Lucille Bluth, shared a story about being verbally harassed by Jeffrey Tambor—who was recently kicked off of Transparent for sexual harassment—on set. In response, Bateman, along with the other male cast members, jumped to defend Tambor while Walter fought back tears. The whole thing was pretty awful, with Bateman repeatedly saying "not to belittle it, but…" before immediately belittling her story anyway, continually minimizing Walter's experience as something that just happens on set sometimes and steamrolling her as she and Alia Shawkat tried to argue otherwise.


As bad as the interview is to read, it's even worse to listen to:

On Thursday morning, in the wake of the immediate backlash against Bateman and the rest of the male cast, the actor took to Twitter to publicly admit that, OK, yeah, the whole thing was maybe extremely fucked up.

It was a decent apology, but unfortunately, it apparently took a whole bunch of people telling Bateman he was wrong for him to realize he was wrong. Ultimately, though, the real clean-up work shouldn't be between Bateman and the public, but with Walter herself—and hopefully he won't make that apology over Twitter.

The fifth season of Arrested Development is set to drop on Netflix on May 29.

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