Tommy Wiseau Is Back and This Time He's... [Checks Notes] in a Space Cartoon?

Oh hai, 'SpaceWorld.'
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Screenshot via 'SpaceWorld.' Wiseau photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images.

In the beginning there was nothing… and then Tommy Wiseau made The Room. The story of how a man who looks like Sylvester Stallone if he joined RATT made his brain-bleedingly bizarre masterpiece has been told enough already—first in Greg Sestero's great memoir, The Disaster Artist, and again in James Franco's less-great film adaptation of the same name—but even an extensive rundown of how the movie came together doesn't fully answer the question of why. Yes, it's remained a mystery why The Room exists, but one thing is clear: The world is collectively better off because it does.


And now, thankfully, Tommy Wiseau and his co-star/sidekick/best f(r)iend Greg Sestero are back together again to star in a whole new project—and it's, uh, a cartoon about space pirates or something?

Over the weekend, animation house Octopie debuted the pilot episode of SpaceWorld, a five-minute cartoon starring Wiseau as a galactic bounty hunter who apparently got fed up with this world and took to space. Sestero plays Wiseau's evil space nemesis, Drogol. There's also a shrimpy alien sidekick named Bleebee, a talking shark lawyer, and some kind of sentient vending machine.

Unfortunately, SpaceWorld isn't written and directed by Wiseau himself, so it doesn't have quite the same unaware charm as The Room, but it's still an intense pleasure to hear Wiseau struggle through line readings of space gibberish. We've known for a long time that the guy should play the Joker, but who knew he'd make such a great voice actor, too? You are tearing me apart, Drogol!

It's unclear if and when Octopie is planning to release more episodes of SpaceWorld, but in the meantime, give the pilot a watch above and marvel at the unending weirdness and wonder that is Tommy Wiseau.