Today, We’re Streaming 72 Hours to Raise Money for Trans Lifeline

Join us on Twitch as we play games and support a great cause.

Playing video games is fine, but playing video games while also raising money for just and worthy causes is even better. That’s exactly what we did last October with Save Point, a 72-hour streaming collaboration with Waypoint’s community, raising more than $60,000 for The Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project. That felt good as hell, which is why we’re bringing Save Point back next week for another 72 hours.


On May 2nd at 12:00 pm ET, the Waypoint staff will gather on the East Coast to stream for 36 hours. The last time, I ended up sweating so much during an impromptu round of Dance Dance Revolution that I was forced to leave and take a shower. Who knows what we’ll get up to this time? (Please don’t bring the DDR pads back, Cado.)

This time around, we’re working with Trans Lifeline, a crisis hotline for trans individuals dedicated to pushing back on the epidemic of trans suicide and improving quality of life. Rob recently had a chance to speak with Trans Lifeline executive director Elena Rose Vera, to get a better sense of the organization’s mission and how your contribution could help.

You can download the podcast, too.

After 36 hours, we’ll pass the baton to the Waypoint community, who, like last time, will continue forward for another 36 hours.

You can watch here. You can donate here. And there’s way more info here.

See you next week!