We Asked an Ad Exec to Check Out the 2020 Democrats’ Campaign Logos. She Tore Them Apart.

Can Democratic designers beat the basic MAGA hat?
July 18, 2019, 3:59pm

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A lot of money goes into the way a campaign looks. Candidates spend a fortune on designers and consultants to craft a slick look and feel that they hope will tell a story that clicks with voters.

Well, most candidates that is. President Trump famously rushed out inexpensive campaign material that often had no unified look at all. The most famous Trump campaign logo is the red MAGA hat, which when it debuted on Trump's head was mocked by a lot of professionals.

But that hat exceeded all expectations.

So how does this cycle’s crop of logos hold up? VICE News had Susan Credle, the chief creative officer of FCB global, evaluate different Democratic candidates' logos. She also explains why the MAGA hat caught on.

"It's the language and what it means, and I think it's the story behind it. And what I would say is, you can put a lot of money into design, but if you don't have your narrative right," Credle told VICE News. "Sometimes design can actually be too fussy, and this is like everybody's welcome."

This segment originally aired July 17, 2019, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.