Watch a Guy Eat 30 In-N-Out Burgers to Prove That He's SoOoOo 'Insane'

You are just not going to believe how, like, insane this dude is, bro.
guy eating burgers at In-N-Out
Screenshot via YouTube

Steve, from the @SteveWillDoIt Instagram account, wants you to know that he is “fucking insane.” He’s so fucking insane that his videos—especially the ones where he chugs liquor by the bottle—are routinely deleted from Instagram. He’s so fucking insane that he walks through a pre-NBA Finals parking lot wrapped in a Toronto Raptors flag, trying to start fights with Golden State Warriors fans. He’s so fucking insane that he celebrates Cinco de Mayo by wearing a sombrero, eating five taco shells filled with mayonnaise, and downing a blender full of tequila, all while standing in a pool or a fountain or some kind of decorative water feature.


I had not heard of Steve until this afternoon, because I’m not exactly his target demographic. (The target demographic seems to be whoever’s in the overlap between ‘People Who Have Accidentally Swallowed a Juul Pod’ and ‘People Who Have Deliberately Swallowed a Juul Pod.”) Regardless, because Steve is too fucking insane for Instagram, he has moved his “eating challenges, drinking challenges, workout challenges [and] smoking challenges” to YouTube.

“You see a thumbnail [that] looks badass, it’s ‘cause it’s gonna be badass,” he promised in the first video on his recently created channel. The thumbnail for his followup video has the words “30 Burgers” written in all-caps yellow letters, and shows Steve open-mouthed, as he holds partially eaten cheeseburger patties in both hands. Is that badass to you? THEN SMASH THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON, BRO (and hit me up if you want to do chest and tris later).

That video, “Attempting to Eat 30 Burgers at IN N OUT,” does exactly what it promises. Steve goes to an unspecified In-N-Out burger, orders 15 cheeseburger patties, then decides that its not fucking badass enough, so he orders 15 more. “So this is 30 patties,” Steve says. “That’s insane. It’s a 30-decker. It’s a little light 30 rack. We got 30 patties and two pieces of bread […] this is 30 patties from In-N-Out.”

Satisfied that everyone understands both the quantity and the insanity of what he’s about to do, Steve gets down to the business of eating all that meat and cheese with his bare hands. A man in a cargo shorts watches him from a distance. A group of women record him with their own phones. A guy in glasses stares into the camera, confused. “Is he breaking a record?” the man asks. No, haven’t you heard? He’s just fucking insane.

“Thirty burgers,” Steve says after crumpling his napkin into a ball. As of this writing, this video has been viewed more than 2.2 million times, and Steve already has more than 479,000 YouTube subscribers. Fucking insane is right.