Élan Vital's Video Celebrates a Diamante Encrusted Horse Head

The Dunedin trio are inspired by New Zealand's most notorious drug mule/stallion.

In 2016, New Zealand police seized a record haul of cocaine concealed inside the head of a giant horse sculpture that had been air-freighted from Mexico. This wasn't your typical giant horse sculpture but a 400-kilogram diamante-encrusted horse sculpture.

New Zealand trio Élan Vital have celebrated this rather conspicuous drug stallion/mule in "Dreams", a new video from a track that appears on their album Shadow Self.


The band's Nikolai Sim explains that after obsessing over the diamante encrusted horse head, the video's producer Erica Sklenars made her own version before the band were to perform at Winter Solstice, Dunedin's biggest outdoor rave party. “During the party we'd put it on and head to the dance floor always receiving loud cheers and applause, it being immediately recognizable so fresh in the news" he explains via email. "It gave Erica the idea of, what if the horse head had gotten into NZ? What would've it wanted to see/do?"

Following this logic Erica took the horse head on holiday with her to a friend's birthday in Wellington. "I wish I could have seen airport security's reaction," says Nikolai. "The video of the horse head realizing it's NZ dreams was never made but maybe our video comes close enough.”

The video is a good match to the Dunedin trio's unique brand of live electronics that crosses a spectrum of influences that includes synth pop and 60s inspired rock.

As well as the video, the band have announced a number of Australian and New Zealand dates.

'Shadow Self' is available now on Fishrider Records.

Élan Vital Australian and New Zealand tour 2018:

Jan 24 - Melbourne at The Yarra
Jan 27 - Hobart at The Brisbane
Jan 28 - Hobart at Secret House Party
Jan 29 - Melbourne at Northcote Social Club
Jan 30 - Melbourne at Tom Tom Club
Jan 31 - Auckland at Wine Cellar
Feb 1 - Whanganui at Lucky Bar
Feb 2-4 - Eyegum's 'A Gathering in the Forest' Festival
Feb 7 - Wellington at Caroline