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The Breeders Announce New Album, Mudslides Hit California, Israel Manhunt Continues: The VICE Morning Bulletin

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International News

At Least 15 Killed in California Floods and Mudslides
Santa Barbara County authorities said storm flooding and resulting mudslides caused the deaths in Montecito and the surrounding area. At least 50 people were rescued by helicopter as several dozen homes were badly damaged or destroyed. Recent wildfires in the area have removed the vegetation that typically prevents mudslides.—AP

Israeli Soldiers Hunt for Killers in the West Bank
The Israeli military was searching Palestinian villages around the West Bank city of Nablus for suspected murderers after a 35-year-old Israeli rabbi was fatally shot in the area. Roadblocks were set up in the vicinity, but no arrests had been made.—AFP


Tourists Stranded by Snowstorm in the Alps
More than 13,000 visitors at a ski resort in the Swiss town of Zermatt were stuck after almost 40 inches of snow fell in 24 hours. Some people were initially airlifted out by helicopter, but the flights were reportedly halted. Tourists were said to be trapped at several other resorts in the Alpine region in France, Italy, and Switzerland.—BBC News

Leading French Women Attack #MeToo ‘Puritanism’
Actress Catherine Deneuve is among the 100 female entertainers, writers, and academics in France to have signed an open letter condemning the movement to name and shame sexual harassers, claiming men should be "free to hit on” women. They said men had been unfairly treated and “forced out of their jobs when all they did was touch someone’s knee or try to steal a kiss.”—AFP

Everything Else

James Franco Event Canceled Following Misconduct Allegations
The New York Times scrapped a planned panel event with the actor following allegations made by actress Violet Paley, who accused Franco of pushing her head towards his “exposed penis.” Paley also claimed he asked her 17-year-old friend to come to his hotel.—Variety

Greta Gerwig Remorseful About Working with Woody Allen
The Lady Bird director said she regrets appearing in Allen’s To Rome With Love, referring to allegations of sexual abuse against him made by Dylan Farrow. “If I had known then what I know now, I would not have acted in the film,” Gerwig said.—The New York Times

Michelle Williams Reportedly Paid Insanely Less Than Wahlberg for Reshoot
According to anonymous insiders, Mark Wahlberg was given $1.5 million to reshoot scenes from All the Money in the World after Kevin Spacey’s abrupt departure. Williams is said to have been paid less than $1,000 based on a rate of $80 a day.—USA Today

The Breeders Announce First Album in a Decade
The alt-rock band is coming out with a new LP entitled All Nerve, set to be released March 2. It will be their first album since 2008. Kim Deal’s group also shared the comeback album’s title track “All Nerve” on Spotify.—Noisey