All The News You Need to Read This Morning

Read it all here so you don't have to open Twitter.
Photo: Inevercry, via Wiki / CC By 1.0

The news is part overwhelming and part boring, so here's a quick list of all the stuff we thought was significant today:

Theresa May calls for an end to intimidation in politics.

NHS should be funded by a new tax, say health experts.

Teen antidepressants doing 'more harm than good'

Photo: Comida Chatarra, via Wiki / CC By 2.0

Doritos to launch "ladies' crisps" because apparently women don't like making crunch noises and licking their fingers.


Grads getting "paltry returns" for their degree.

UK universities report a rise in EU students applying.

Period poverty in Scotland is troubling, with 1 in 5 polled unable to afford sanitary products.

Fans spot a suspicious white line on a phone in the background of that Spice Girls comeback picture.

People are getting mushy about Kylie Jenner's ten-minute online baby reveal video.

NHS charged £1,500 for a £1.73 pot of moisturiser by Boots.

Illegal teeth whitening causing excruciating pain.

Mums suffering pay penalty at work, report suggests.

Kid at Super Bowl becomes a meme after probably not knowing who Justin Timberlake is.