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Watch Miguel Find His Roots on the Pacific Coast of Mexico

From the second installment of 'Earthworks,' a documentary series that follows artists on travels all over the world.

Earthworks is a three-part series presented by Live Nation and VICELAND that follows artists as they journey to international destinations to discover how different cultures and places influence the music we listen to. In the latest installment, which airs on VICELAND tonight, we travel with R&B crooner Miguel and his family to Michoacán in Western Mexico, on a quest to piece together the family history that influenced his life from afar. "What I appreciate most about my Latino heritage is that i have a really strong sense of family," He explains. "That's definitely what makes this trip significant… I kind of get a deeper connection with my heritage." Wandering the streets of the city, the singer explores the culture, food, and family that he'd observed in photographs for years. He also conducts perhaps the most adorable acoustic rendition of "waves" ever with his father and brother in the midst of a gorgeous, sweeping mountain range. That too.


The next and last episode of the series will feature a journey to the Colorado River with Local Natives. For now, you can watch a 13-minute preview of tonight's episode at the top of the page before the episode airs on VICELAND at 11 PM EST tonight. The full episode will be available to stream on Live Nation's Youtube page right here after 11:30 PM.