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Two Men With More Than $30,000 Worth of Drugs Arrested at Bonnaroo

The two were found with marijuana, molly, mushrooms, ecstasy and ketamine.

Two men were arrested Friday at Bonnaroo after more than $30,000 worth of drugs were found inside of their vehicle. According to a report from the Tennessean, the Coffee County Sheriff's Department were tipped off by campers at a campsite in the festival. Deputies conducted a search after obtaining a search warrant and found, among other things, several bags of marijuana, scales and drug paraphernalia inside of the car. The deputies also found more than a pound of mushrooms packed in 138 bags, 11 pills of molly, 11 ecstasy pills, and one bag with a half-gram of ketamine. The street value of the drugs is more than $30,000, the Tennessean reported. Daniel W. Loper and Ryan Alpeus Wiggins were arrested and charged with two counts each of manufacturing, delivering, selling and possession of controlled substances. The arrests were just two of more than a dozen arrests at the festival over the past four days.


On Friday, a man caught with fake drugs at Bonnaroo said he was "doing God's work."