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The Time Lil Wayne Acted out Spitting out Shrimp for a Whole Bar

“Cash Money Millionaires” is the pimping song on 'Tha Carter.'

Day 278: "Cash Money Millionaires" – Tha Carter, 2004

If "Who Wanna" is the drug dealing song par excellence on Tha Carter and "The Heat" is the gun song, then "Cash Money Millionaires" is the pimping song ("I got 25 dollars on my dresser and if I / Give it to my ho she gon bring back mo'"). It even involves Wayne acting out spitting out shrimp (rhymes with pimp) for an entire bar, which is something no other rapper would bother to do.

It's also pimp shit in the sense that it feels like a million bucks. The beat—a combo Mannie Fresh and Raj Smoove production—is the hugest on the album. The atmosphere is literal—Wayne proposes to his girl that they get high enough to need to watch out for power lines, to use a cloud as a pillow, and that they can "wave hi to planes." And the flexing is on high as well, since Wayne just co-opted his whole old group's name for a song title about how much of a pimp he is.

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