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Trump Just Blocked Stephen King on Twitter

After the author criticized his bizarre Cabinet meeting.

Donald Trump may not have read any of Stephen King's books, but now he apparently has decided that he has no interest in seeing tweets from America's favorite horror author on his timeline either:

King, an outspoken progressive, has often featured populist demagogues who spread hate and division in his horror novels. It's not a huge surprise then that the author's been a vocal critic of the president on Twitter, comparing him to a "crazy, ranting uncle," a "rabid coyote with bad hair," and even one of his own fictional villains.


In King's most recent, pre-blocked tweet, he mocked Trump's recent "ass-kissing contest" in which the president basically asked members of his Cabinet to give him praise during a televised meeting. By Tuesday morning, King was blocked.

King's Twitter account is just the latest one that's apparently annoyed the president enough to get booted from his timeline. Trump regularly blocks people, apparently for critiquing his policies to just making a covfefe ice cream joke. VICE contributor Jules Suzdaltsev was just recently blocked after suggesting Trump should spend more time with his son Barron, and songwriter and Trump critic Holly O'Reilly is one user threatening to sue the president if he doesn't unblock her. Before King was blocked, Trump also blocked a major progressive veterans group, Vote Vets, on Twitter Tuesday.

Trump has apparently blocked so many Twitter users that the phenomenon has even earned its own hashtag, #BlockedByTrump, and brought up some ethical questions. If Trump's tweets should be considered "official statements," as Sean Spicer has suggested, or be used by judges to influence rulings, many argue that blocking users could be unconstitutional.

As for King, while he might not be able to read the president's tweets directly anymore, fellow Trump critic and author J.K. Rowling has valiantly stepped in to keep him up to speed:

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