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Watch Mac DeMarco Give a Spaced Out Performance of "On The Level" on 'Conan'

It's the latest TV performance on the 'This Old Dog' promo trail.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

I have this idea that Mac DeMarco is basically what you would get if Drunk Uncle from SNL was really good at writing music. His most recent live performance—of This Old Dog cut "On The Level," on Conan—is, in my opinion, just more evidence for that fact.

Mac delivers his vocal on the lazy album cut with optimum chill and at 1:07, check out your boy Nathan Fielder 'playing' 'guitar' (but actually just pretending to tune it) in the background. Of course Mac DeMarco and Nathan Fielder—two men for whom pranks are most probably considered the highest form of comedy—are friends. Of course.

Anyway, see the performance below, and let the waves of calm and beer breath wash over you.

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(Image via Wikimedia Commons)