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The ACT Wants to Ban P-Platers From Driving After Midnight

The proposition would bring the state in line with other states like WA.
Image via Shutterstock user hojusaram

The ACT Government wants to ban first year P-platers from driving between midnight and 5 AM. On top of that, the proposal would ban P-platers from taking more than one passenger under 24.

Effectively this could divide P-plate status into two stages—P1 and P2. The first year (P1) would come with the new curfew and passenger limit, while the recommended 50 hours of practice hours would be doubled to 100, including 10 at night. Stage P2, which would give drivers the same freedoms as they currently get, would then kick in after 12 months.

Now, if you’re reading this and thinking the new rules sound intense—you’re right—but they're also fairly common. Both South Australia and Western Australia divide their P-plates into two stages, and enforce a curfew for first year drivers. Other states like NSW and Victoria only enforce midnight bans if a car has more than one passenger.

But so far, all of this is simply a proposition open to public consultation. And if you have an opinion, you can share it with the government here.