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If Obsessive Virgo Smokes Weed, They Probably Have a Whole Ritual About It

Virgos should be careful not to get too stoned, lest they fall into spirals of anxiety.

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Virgos should be careful not to get too stoned, lest they end up staring at a crooked wall frame or cat hair on the floor. But their obsession with cleanliness doesn’t necessarily mean they’re controlling. After all, Virgos are the healers of the Zodiac. They may even be drawn to cannabis from a medicinal perspective. Virgo people care what goes into their bodies, so they’re likely to be health-conscious about smoke inhalation and opt for CBD tinctures instead.


Likewise, Virgos’ organized nature makes them fond of serving sizes that are precisely dosed, such as a vape pen, tincture, or edible, although edibles may be too intense for some Virgos, so try a low-dose variety if you’re a star virgin who loves their weed chocolate.

Virgos are stereotyped as the clean freak because of their detail-oriented nature, and though some Virgos are actually quite messy, they’ll probably still know where everything is. It is possible that they can become too cerebral for their own good and therefore suffer from anxiety. Virgos should opt for a calming strain that’s high in CBD rather than anything that contains too much THC. If they consume high-THC products, they might notice an unorganized bookshelf and be unable to relax until they fix it.

Once a Virgo has relaxed, their beloved rituals feel more chill than like a chore. "A Virgo will smoke weed every day as part of their ritual. Or, if they aren't the type to smoke every single day, they have a ritual when it comes to smoking weed. Like if they smoke weed during the day, they are so in touch with their bodies that they know that they'll need to keep smoking weed until they go to sleep. Otherwise they get a headache," horoscope writer Randon Rosenbohm says.

Stoner Superlative: Most likely to use an app to keep track of their favorite weed strains.

Best Strain: OG Kush (calming hybrid)

Worst Strain: Cat Piss (pungent sativa)

Best Way to Get High: Vape pen, but they will bitch that it makes their head fuzzy

Best High Activity: Go to a concert, one which they bought tickets for six months ago, and not shut up about the seating angles and how they selected their seat.

Recommended Product: CVault Humidity Controlled Storage Container