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Why is the NRA even talking about James Comey?

“Jim Comey reappears like the Phoenix emerging from the ashes,” NRA TV host Dan Bongino said.

The National Rifle Association’s propaganda arm has gone after many issues tangentially related, in the group’s mind, to gun rights: overbearing liberalism, the fake news media, and even teenage survivors of gun violence. But now the gun lobby group has turned its sights on its most unusual target yet: fired FBI Director James Comey.

NRA TV host Dan Bongino didn’t mention guns once in a series of video monologues posted to the gun lobby’s Twitter page Thursday night. Instead, he told viewers that Comey has “mysteriously” reappeared in the news (along with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch) because he’s “terrified” — not just because Comey has a new book featuring intimate details of his work with President Donald Trump.


“Jim Comey reappears like the Phoenix emerging from the ashes,” Bongino said. “Comey’s reappearing because he’s terrified. He’s in serious legal trouble.”

“There’s a reason that book is coming out, and it’s not just about money,” he continued.

So why is NRA TV — usually reserved for telling its viewers and fans they need to buy guns to protect themselves from all kinds of apocalyptic scenarios — hating on a former G-man?

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When Trump fired Comey in May of last year, the president said, on paper, the former FBI director had bungled the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server. But just days after firing Comey, Trump later told NBC News the issue was, in fact, Comey's defense of the investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to influence the U.S. election. Now, special counsel Robert Mueller, who’s overseeing that investigation, has been looking into Trump’s firing of Comey, especially as it relates to obstruction of justice.

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Since Trump's election, the NRA has waged an increasingly broad culture war of sorts on liberals and those who oppose the group's views. Previous episodes of NRA TV also covered Comey’s appearance in front of Congress.

Maybe now the gun lobby group is concerned about Trump’s handle on power; he’s been a strong ally against recent pushes for gun control. Maybe they want to play to the intersection of gun owners, Trump fans, and Comey haters.

Whatever the reason, the president echoed the NRA’s attacks in two aggressive early-morning tweets on Friday.

Cover image: Former FBI Director James Comey testifies about his dealings with President Trump during a Senate Select Intelligence Committee hearing on June 8, 2017. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call) (CQ Roll Call via AP Images)