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Terrifying New Stephen King Series 'Castle Rock' Finally Has a Release Date

This is going to be a spooky-ass summer.

Castle Rock, Hulu's upcoming anthology series about Stephen King's fictional Maine town populated by demon junk shops and guys who you shouldn't shake hands with, finally has a release date. On Wednesday, Hulu announced that the first season of the show will hit the streaming service on July 25 and dropped a brand-new trailer that proves that, yes, this is going to be a terrifying summer.

The new King adaptation won't be based on any specific book by the author, but will instead cherrypick characters and ideas from King's catalog and wrap them up into a single, fucked-up universe. Going off what we can glean from the first few Castle Rock trailers, that means we'll get to see prisoners at Shawshank, a very unhappy pooch who may or may not be Cujo, and gratuitous nods to the number 237, though it's still unclear what the show will actually be about—aside from, like, death and horror and stuff.


Wednesday's trailer still doesn't give us much insight into that, but it gives us another peek at IT star Bill Skarsgård's prisoner character in the new series—no, he's not playing Pennywise this time, since Pennywise lives in Derry, Maine—and once again proves that Maine is an awful place to live if you're a Stephen King character.

"Everyone's got a theory how it started, about Castle Rock's original sin," the trailer's narrator says in the new clip. "Whenever it began, whoever's sin we're paying for, we're trapped in a cycle that stretches back centuries. There’s blood in every backyard, inside every house. People say it wasn’t me; it was this place. And the thing is, they’re right."

Along with Skarsgård, Castle Rock is set to star Sissy Spacek, André Holland, and Scott Glenn, who will play the town's sheriff, Alan Pangborn, in a role originally brought to life by Ed Harris in the old Needful Things adaptation. It looks like we'll have to wait until July to find out why all the Castle Rock townspeople don't just move the hell away and relocate to Burlington or whatever, but until then, watch the trailer above.

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