The Roasting of John Wall

The Washington Wizards star looks like he's been, uh, enjoying his summer vacation.

NBA summer chatter is in full effect. Kevin Durant has nothing better to do than shit on C.J. McCollum during his own podcast, a mere whisper from Woj sends shockwaves a mile high, and players' vacations have gotten exceedingly ridiculous. Well, it's unclear what kind of vacations John Wall has been on, but looks like it's been either rough…or absolutely fantastic. And NBA summer chatter certainly wasn't going to let it go.


Here's a screenshot of a tweet that the Wizards posted earlier today—of John Wall ready for USA Basketball camp in Vegas this week. The reason I say "screenshot" is because the photo was getting clowned on so hard on Twitter, that the organization had to take it down. Just check it out:

Yeah, you might be able to understand why. Dude looks like he's… um…let's go with living his best life, shall we? In fact, the NBA Twitter account took videos of several other players getting their portraits taken, and John Wall is conspicuously absent. NBA seemingly had the tact not to do him like this.

But the Wizards did do him like this, and nobody was going to let them live it down. Here's how he got dragged by ye olde internete:

Some didn't so much drag, as express how they were green with envy:

I suppose, if the man is playing for USA in these dark times:

Here are a couple of odes to John Wall officially looking like "that guy":

But that was before everyone found out it was taken down. Because this is the Internet, any admission of defeat is going to result only in even more roasting:

And, finally, Wall was no longer the one being roasted, instead it was the team for not having the guts to keep the tweet up:

UPDATE (5:46pm EST)

So John Wall finally got to weigh in on the matter and told his mom how he felt about the whole ordeal: