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All of England Celebrates Trippier World Cup Goal by Throwing Beer Everywhere

Kieran Trippier scored off of a free kick against Croatia in the World Cup Semi-Finals, and it rained down a shower of beer.
Screenshot via Twitter / NBC Sports

Alright, alright. So we've heard a whole lot about how "it's coming home"—it being the World Cup—for the first time since hosting the tournament in 1966. But what is actually happening in their real home? A bunch of beer wasting.

The Three Lions were awarded a free kick after a pretty stupid foul at the top of the box by Croatia, and Kieran Trippier was chosen to take the free kick. Trippier hadn't scored a goal for England, but boy did he score one today:


A beautiful dipping curl over the wall, nestling the ball top shelf. Pretty impressive stuff. That was the scene in Russia. But back in England, the now familiar and perhaps ill-advised fad of throwing beer all over the damn place happened literally all over the damn place:

If you thought it was only happening at Hyde Park:

And Croydon as well:

And these scenes from Nottingham Castle:

Someone keep that poor girl from getting drunk please.

Just imagine riding public transit with a bunch of hammered English people, honeyed with sun-baked barley and hops. Sounds… fun? Worse yet: there's still a lot of time. Could be a lot of sad, hammered English people, honeyed with sun-baked barley and hops.