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Watch the Black Madonna Punch a Cop in a New 'GTA Online' Trailer

There's an expansion to the game somehow involving nightclubs coming on July 24. To quote the police-puncher herself, "Let's get to the disco!"

Since transforming into a sort of World of Warcraft with Maseratis and assault rifles, Grand Theft Auto Online has become this sort of ever-expanding behemoth. New stories make their way into the game fairly regularly to keep up with its shockingly engaged player-base—who do strange things like host car shows and model gentrification inside their online communities. Anyway, on July 24, there's a big update coming involving one of the series' mythic figures Gay Tony and a nightclub he runs, which wouldn't be all that notable for us—we are a music blog—save for the fact that they've mo-capped some real DJs to play sets and tell stories in their world of violence and hedonism, yay.


I was kinda skeptical of it when they first made the announcement last month—I wasn't sure that I needed to see v-necked tech-house types parachuting onto tall buildings and sniping civilians. But today, the trailer they've released has me sold on one brief passage. Ignoring the weird PC culture jokes made toward the end, there's a bit where the eclectic and outstanding DJ the Black Madonna makes an appearance to just fucking deck a cop and shout "Let's get to the disco!" I believe the kids call that a "big mood." As much as her fans and friends fully expected such a moment to come IRL before it happened in a virtual space, it is still incredibly cool and, sigh, no pigs were harmed in the making of this video. So that's good I guess?

You'll want to watch it above. And go listen to some Black Madonna mixes if for some reason you've never listened to her, she rules.