Larry Fedora: America's Future Depends on Dudes Bashing Skulls Together

"Our game is under attack," claimed the University of North Carolina head football coach.
Photo via Flickr / @brianmka

North Carolina football coach Larry Fedora had some pretty, um, radical prophecies of doom he decided to relay during ACC media day today. Apparently, the man correlates America with football, and is saying when football falls, so will America. That's a spicy one.

Reporter Nicole Auerbach with The Athletic had Fedora's quotation down, showing that the man is afraid that football is under grave threat. Or something:


So, why? Charlotte Observer reporter Brendan Marks made sure to follow up with Fedora, just to try and figure out what the hell he was talking about:

Ah yes, is he talking about the data that shows a link between concussions and CTE and the debilitating symptoms associated with the disease, a link that the NFL readily admits, by the way (after years of lying about it).

OK, so on the one hand, we have years of scientific research that shows a link between repetitive, sub-concussive hits—like those sustained in, say, football—and athletes riddled with post-career symptoms like violent mood swings, dementia, depression, and suicidal thoughts, with those athletes later getting diagnosed with CTE after they die—usually on the younger side—because we haven't figured out a way to poke around in your brain without killing you yet. On the other hand we have an unfashionable hat saying "I don't think so" and "the game is safer than it's ever been." Good stuff.

So what does the future hold? He apparently believes that there's some kind of correlation between the military and football. Football = good military men. Also, this implies that our military is what makes America great? Check it:

If that's true—that football is going to be unrecognizable, does that mean football is going to look like this?

Because if so, I'm all for it.