Photos of Life in a True Modern-Day Hippy Commune
All photos by Valentina Riccardi.

Photos of Life in a True Modern-Day Hippy Commune

Photographer Valentina Riccardi explains her inspiration for her new series, "Tales of an Island", about the history of counter-culture in Ibiza.
August 30, 2017, 7:45am

This article originally appeared on VICE France

Like most people, I used to think Ibiza was nothing more than just one big dance floor – a party mecca for millions of tourists, maintained so David Guetta can just keep on David Guetta-ing. But then I moved to the island and realised there was so much more to it than that.

In the 1960s and 70s, Ibiza embraced hippy culture, encouraging young people to live freely with few personal possessions. The scene was as vibrant here as it was in New York's Greenwich Village, or across San Francisco.

My personal introduction to the community came 11 years ago, when I was living on a beach. I met a group of people who offered me the chance to live in an old house, which had been abandoned for 15 years. Somehow, they'd convinced the owner to let them live there for free, provided they agreed to not completely trash it. That's how I discovered this new, free and simple lifestyle – the polar opposite of the excess Ibiza is famous for.

What defines us as a community is the fact that we all seek to live in a self-sufficient way, which is not always easy. Most of us manage without water or electricity, while others frequently search supermarket bins for waste that can be used to feed everyone. My photography series, "Tales of an Island", was born out of my love for the values and people that make up this community – a group I consider to be my family.


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