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Rejoice! St. Vincent's Fifth Album 'MASSEDUCTION' Is Coming on October 13

Plus, hear the studio version of "Los Ageless."
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Finally it's been confirmed that blessings are almost upon us, as St. Vincent has today announced that her fifth studio album, MASSEDUCTION, will arrive on October 13 (that is, Friday October 13, because St. Vincent is, almost certainly, lowkey a witch). She delivered the news via a political-style broadcast on Facebook Live—mentioning that she "did toy with calling the record Ass Education"—which continued her trend of super clean, shiny, and weirdly doll-like aesthetics for this album rollout.


As with lead single "New York," MASSEDUCTION in its entirety is co-produced by Jack Antonoff ("a wizard of brilliance and kindness," she says). And following the announcement, another new song "Los Ageless," previously only known as "LA," is now available to stream—you can hear it above. Naturally, it's fucking genius. We're blessed to be on Annie Clark's timeline, though she operates at a frequency several levels above all of us.

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