'Epicly Later'd' Is Coming to VICELAND

The best show about skateboarding in the history of skateboarding is back.
August 17, 2017, 11:29pm

Back in the mid 2000s a little show called Epicly Later'd about skateboarders and their stunts premiered on VICE. The series focused on the real lives of skateboarding legends, documenting the day-to-day lives and histories of the people who were most integral to the new explosion in popularity skating was experiencing at the time. The series didn't concern itself with big, parachute-required tricks, instead it blended archival footage and in-depth interviews to talk about skate culture in a way that hadn't been done before. The series quickly took on cult status in the skate world and beyond.


Next month, VICELAND is bringing back EPICLY LATER'D, tapping Chad Muska, Bam Margera Andrew Reynolds, and a host of other legendary pros to revive what was started all those years ago. Plus, we link up with the people who have chronicled the scene—from Spike Jonze to Harmony Korine—for a sweeping look at skateboarding's halcyon days, where it stands, and where it's headed from here.

Check out the trailer for EPICLY LATER'D above, and make sure to tune in when the show premieres on VICELAND September 6. Find out how to tune in here.