‘Money Heist’ Will Soon Be a K-Drama on Netflix

El Profesor’s heist is going international.
December 1, 2020, 8:37am
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix’s bid to amp up its international content has brought much non-English language shows and movies to the world. Now, the streaming service is combining two of its hits — its foray into Korean dramas and the massively popular Spanish series Money Heist.

Also known as La Casa de Papel, Money Heist’s first season is about a criminal mastermind known as "The Professor" who recruits eight people to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain.

It premiered in 2017 and currently has two seasons, each divided into two parts. It has become so popular that the red suits and Salvador Dalí masks the main characters wear are now iconic Halloween costumes. One couple in the Philippines even recreated scenes from the show for their pre-wedding photoshoot. 

K-dramas, on the other hand, have been big in Asia for decades but have become increasingly popular worldwide in the last five years. This is thanks in part to Netflix, which acquired classics like the Reply series, Boys Over Flowers, and Full House, as well as newer offerings like Start-Up and Netflix original Kingdom.  

The Korean adaptation of Money Heist will be set on the Korean Peninsula and directed by Kim Hong-sun, known for previous works such as The Guest, Voice, and Black. Screenwriter Ryu Yong-jae and his team are in charge of the script, after working on Netflix’s My Holo Love and tvN’s Psychopath Diary. 


Kim Hong-sun. Photo: Courtesy of Netflix


Ryu Yong-jae. Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

“Korean creators have been developing their own language and audiovisual culture for years. They have managed, like our series, to go beyond cultural borders and become a point of reference for thousands of viewers around the world, especially among young people,” Money Heist creator and executive producer Álex Pina said in a press release.


Álex Pina. Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

“That is why I find it fascinating that the world of La casa de papel is so attractive to Korean creators as to do an adaptation. The fact that the action is set on the Korean Peninsula also seems to me to be a milestone which I am really delighted about.”

There is no word yet on the upcoming show’s cast and release date.