Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio, March 2021

Welcome to Pisces season, dear Scorpio!
March 1, 2021, 7:00pm
Pisces and Aries
Robin Eisenberg

The sun is moving through fellow water sign Pisces, illuminating the romance and creativity sector of your chart and making this a fantastic time to make art, fall in love, and simply enjoy yourself! Pisces energy is all about transcendence, and you’re very much on that wavelength right now, dear Scorpio.

Sweet, seductive Venus is also in Pisces at the start of the month, and on March 3 it connects with electric Uranus in Taurus, bringing exciting thrills to your love life and creative collaborations! This is an exciting time as Uranus is all about novelty, experimentation, and surprises, so the mood is bubbly and flirtatious as it makes a harmonious connection with Venus in whimsical Pisces.


Communication planet Mercury meets lucky Jupiter in Aquarius on March 4, bringing exciting news concerning home and family. The mood is optimistic and a new cycle is beginning in your personal life, but watch out for exaggerations in the conversations you’re having—Jupiter can over-do things! Also on this day, your ruling planet Mars enters air sign Gemini, finding you tackling important issues concerning money, particularly debts, taxes, and inheritances. Closure is also an important theme now, as Mars in Gemini finds you cutting ties with the past. 

There’s still plenty of romance in the air as the sun meets Neptune in Pisces on March 10, and the new moon in Pisces arrives on March 13, which also finds Venus meeting Neptune. The sun’s meeting with Neptune creates a wonderfully creative and spiritually in-touch atmosphere. Pisces loves transcendence and redemption and that energy is very strong right now, especially with the new moon. New moons are all about new beginnings, and for you, little scorpion, this fresh start takes place in your love life, creative efforts, and generally around having more fun! Venus meeting Neptune is especially romantic—it’s a totally head-over-heels, intoxicated by love sort of vibe. Just be careful not to over-indulge. Communication planet Mercury enters Pisces on March 15, bringing party invitations and messages of love your way.

The sun and Venus connect with your other ruler planet, Pluto, on March 16 and March 18 respectively, finding you having especially deep conversations. Secrets may be shared and this is a powerful time for connection since Pluto doesn’t do anything halfway. Aries season begins on March 20, helping you get organized and tackle your to-do list. If you’re looking for a new gig or finishing a project, the sun in Aries is on your side! 

On March 21 Mercury connects with Uranus, Venus enters Aries, and Mars connects with Saturn, making it a busy day! Mercury’s connection with wildcard Uranus brings surprising news and may find you connecting with some unexpected people. Sweet Venus’s entry into fiery Aries adds a dash of glamour to your everyday life. It’s a great time to edit your wardrobe or rethink your beauty routine. Mars’s connection with Saturn creates and grounding and productive atmosphere, especially for tackling debts or managing issues like security, privacy, and your personal life. This is a great time for setting boundaries! But watch out for arguments and impatience on March 23 as chatty Mercury clashes with fiery Mars.

The sun meets Venus on March 26, marking the beginning of a new cycle: This is a great time to commit to a healthy new habit. You’re realizing what’s truly important to you, and as a result, your daily routine is changing. Aries season finds you busy and hard at work, but the full moon in Libra on March 28 urges you to slow down and rest. Creating a better work-life balance and making more time to recharge is a major theme for this full moon. Repressed emotions may also surface. Libra is the sign of balance: Harmony comes from healthy expression, not from pretending everything is OK! So, dear Scorpio, if you’ve been avoiding an issue, now may be the time that it comes to a head.

Mercury meets Neptune on March 29, bringing sweet messages of love your way. It’s a lovely time for writing poetry or sharing your feelings. Venus and the sun meet with taskmaster Saturn on March 30 and March 31 respectively, creating a grounding atmosphere that’s great for discussing boundaries and plans: Saturn is all about limitations, and you’re setting yours as sweet Venus works harmoniously with the taskmaster of the zodiac.

Good luck this month, Scorpio, and see you in April!