Daily Horoscope: November 21, 2020

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November 20, 2020, 10:00pm
Robin Eisenberg

Venus enters Scorpio at 8:22 AM, creating a passionate atmosphere and a powerful moment for bonding. Sagittarius season starts at 3:40 PM, inspiring an optimistic, open-minded atmosphere. An adventurous mood is in the air! The moon enters dreamy Pisces at 11:06 PM and clashes with the sun at 11:45 PM, and we’re reimagining how we want to approach things.

All times ET.


You’re valuing the people in your life who joyously invest their time, energy, and resources into you as Venus enters Scorpio. Sagittarius season begins today, making this an exciting time for adventure and new opportunities!


Venus enters your opposite sign Scorpio today, illuminating the relationship sector of your chart and inspiring an affectionate energy in your partnerships. Sagittarius season begins, too, encouraging you and your partners to discuss shared resources, like money.


Venus enters Scorpio, encouraging you to edit your wardrobe and beautify your work space. You may run into some crushes while you run your errands, or find that you and a partner are switching up your routine—relationships are a major theme right now thanks to the start of Sagittarius season!


Sweet Venus enters fellow water sign Scorpio, making this an exciting time for your love life! Romance is in the air. Creativity is flowing, and you’re hammering out a new schedule for yourself as the sun enters Sagittarius.


You’re making your home a cozy space as Venus enters Scorpio, and a fun atmosphere arrives as Sagittarius season begins! The sun in fellow fire sign Sagittarius finds you in a celebratory mood. Romance and creativity flow freely.


Love letters arrive as Venus enters Scorpio! This is a great time for communication in your relationships. The sun also enters Sagittarius, inspiring a warm energy at home. It’s a lovely moment to connect with family, as well as with your ancestors.


Your ruling planet Venus enters Scorpio, and you’re in the mood to be spoiled with gifts! Communication is also a major theme at this time as the sun enters Sagittarius; news is coming your way.


Venus enters your sign today, finding you feeling especially charming—you’re seducing everyone with your mystique! The sun enters Sagittarius, too, illuminating the financial sector of your chart and encouraging you to reflect on your budget.


Venus enters Scorpio and you’re craving a secret getaway! You’re valuing privacy at this time. The sun also enters your sign today: Happy solar return, dear Sagittarius! You’re celebrating life and thinking about how you want to approach the coming year.


Venus enters Scorpio and you’re especially valuing your friendships and the intellectual connections you share with partners. Sagittarius season begins, too, finding you reconnecting with your inner voice.


Venus enters Scorpio, finding you feeling especially popular! Reward and recognition come your way, plus Sagittarius season begins, which bodes well for your social life.


Venus enters fellow water sign Scorpio, opening you up to new opportunities! Sagittarius season also begins, which bodes well for your career and popularity.

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