Weekly Horoscope: July 12 - 18

Mars meets Venus, and we're acting on our desires.
July 12, 2021, 2:03pm
Robin Eisenberg

Mercury harmonizes with Jupiter on Monday, July 12, at 3:45 PM, bringing good news. We are learning, apologizing, forgiving, and growing. Our minds are expanding. This is a great time for education, travel, and getting a well-rounded understanding of any topic.

There is a lot of passion and a will to act on our desires as action planet Mars meets Venus, the planet of love, on Tuesday, July 13, at 9:32 AM. Relationships can be energized since people will be fearless in going after what they want.


We’re able to connect with something greater than ourselves as the sun harmonizes with transcendental Neptune, dissolving egos, on Thursday, July 15, at 4:48 AM. This is a great time to connect with our beliefs and spirituality; there’s magic in the air, and a totally dreamy vibe.

There is a power struggle over the weekend as the sun faces off with Pluto, the planet of secrets, on Saturday July 18 at 6:46 PM. Things that were hidden are exposed—someone might discover something that they weren’t meant to! There is a better glimpse at our shadows, and what fears we have in our relationships. Issues of jealousy can come up, but jealousy is nothing to be ashamed of!

All times ET.


You’re learning how to trust your thoughts as cerebral Mercury harmonizes with optimistic Jupiter. There are a lot of conversations happening about your home and family life, and you have to be able to know that things will work out, otherwise you might feel a little seasick from the uncertainty. It’s hard to know for sure, other than trusting that things will work out. If something’s outside of your perception, ask someone to help you see it! Your planetary ruler Mars meets with love planet Venus, bringing you extra sex drive and lust for life. The sun harmonizes with Neptune, connecting you to your ancestors and dream realms, which serves as extra creative inspiration. The sun faces off with Pluto, exposing some dirty laundry! People in power are acting more shady than usual, and you can get to the bottom of it.


The beginning of summer has a lot of chatter for you, Taurus. You’re running errands, seeing familiar faces, and making some changes before the new start that Leo season will bring. You get a sense of what’s going to take off in July as action planet Mars meets with your planetary ruler, Venus. After feeling so stuck at home, tied down by your career, you finally taste at least a drop of juice from the exhausting squeeze. You’re excited to make your resting place stylish, warm, welcoming, and above all, stable. There needs to be a place where you can rest, and you will gladly make it. Your home needs to be able to support you, your partners, your need for silence, and your ability to look after your health.


Positive news about your cash flow comes as your planetary ruler Mercury harmonizes with generous Jupiter. This presents more opportunities for you to put yourself out there and come up with ideas on how to get what you need. The sun harmonizes with Neptune, meaning you can bend perception in order to make a profit—this doesn’t require nefariousness, just some cool photos and good self marketing! You're able to see how deep the well of resources is as the sun faces off with power planet Pluto, showing you some secret treasures that you probably weren’t meant to see. You’re able to see through power hungry and greedy people. Secure the bag, but make sure you’re not getting the short end of the stick.


You are opening your mind up to a vast world of possibilities as cerebral Mercury harmonizes with Jupiter, the planet of education, growth, and travel. You can now imagine yourself in places and situations you never would have imagined. New information opens doors and moves you forward, very quickly. The sun harmonizes with dreamy Neptune and you’re able to imagine fantastic things for yourself. This is an extremely spiritual and woo-woo aspect, like a wishing well. You need to be sure that you are keeping a positive mindset and carving out your own reality. You have some power issues in your relationships that need to be balanced out as the sun faces off with shady Pluto, dredging up fears and insecurities to be dealt with with honesty and care.


There has been a lot of stop-and-go energy as you wait on other people, thanks to all of the planets in your sign facing off with restrictive Saturn! Now you’re finding new ways to make your own fun as action planet Mars meets with pleasure planet Venus. This gives you the courage to break out and find something enjoyable, even though you may be feeling stuck or on a tight leash! Your intuition is incredibly strong as the sun harmonizes with psychic Neptune. Be sure that you’re keeping a positive attitude, because you can believe anything you want. As the sun faces off with Pluto, you’re getting a deeper understanding of your own wellness and what needs to be changed in order to keep your energy up.


It’s been a rough few months where ideas weren’t clearly communicated, there were delays in deliveries, and you just couldn’t seem to fully express yourself, as your planetary ruler, Mercury, had a tough trip. Now it’s in a new location, opening your mind to different possibilities of the future. As Mercury harmonizes with optimistic Jupiter, you have more faith and trust in your relationships. You can feel like other people will do the right thing, or will understand the gist of an idea well enough. There’s huge potential for forgiveness, either for yourself or others, as the sun harmonizes with blurry Neptune. Make a wish now! The sun faces off with power planet Pluto and people’s soft spots are showing. Treat them with kindness.


There is finally an understanding of job-related intel as messenger Mercury harmonizes with lucky Jupiter. This can bring news about how your work and health-related commitments are growing. You’re ready to take on whatever objective you need as action planet Mars meets with your planetary ruler Venus. There is a lot of excitement about the task at hand. This is an incredibly social time, too, and you’re ready to mingle with the crowd. Just be sure that you are protecting your immunity! The sun harmonizes with Neptune and you can be sensitive, both psychically and physically. The sun faces off with power planet Pluto, asking that you loosen the grip on on something you’re clutching at home or in your personal life.


It’s much easier to share your ideas now that Mercury is in fellow water sign Cancer. As it harmonizes with lucky Jupiter, you have a lot of funny, creative things that you’re excited to share with the world. This is a time to put your ideas and visions out there, or to explore new corners of your mind. There is a lot of action happening in your career and public life as Mars meets with sweet Venus. While you may have been feeling stagnant or held back from what you’re chasing, you finally get a little refreshment in the waiting room. You’re going to make do with what you have, and find a way to get what you want regardless of the rules you need to follow.


You are tuned into how you can give other people what they need as messenger Mercury harmonizes with your planetary ruler, Jupiter. You’re extremely generous, so people are ready to ask for things that they need from you. There’s nothing stopping you from sharing, especially when you have a healthy stash to get you through rainy days. Love is generous and does not expect anything in return, but you are in a very open and vulnerable place as the sun harmonizes with Neptune. Remember to find space and time for yourself to come back down to earth and cleanse after you’ve been absorbing other people’s energies. While a lot is shared and done together, there should also be time to chill alone.


You’re open to listening to other people’s ideas as messenger Mercury harmonizes with Jupiter, the planet of growth. There’s a lot of conversation happening. Whether it’s spoken or unspoken, you’re learning a lot about your relationships and commitments to others. There’s a lot of trust to go around, but you’re still guarded as the sun faces off with power planet Pluto. There is a need for control that someone is clinging to, but it’s reactive. Sharing your fears will bring things to light. You’re able to see your psychological patterns and loops, and how other people activate them. As the sun harmonizes with Neptune, you have extra space to forgive other people for their honest mistakes.


Summer is a busy time for you as you get your work and routine together. You have a lot on your plate, and are committed to yourself and your future. Your hard boundaries might be met with frustration from others, reaching a peak last week, but now there’s more fun to be had in your relationships as action planet Mars meets with Venus. Let the important people in your life inspire you to go out and enjoy yourself, at least for a little break. You’re excited to be mingling with people, and may find that your current relationships will contribute to your work and routine. Hopefully they’re a good influence!


You’re in a good place, mentally, as cerebral Mercury harmonizes with your planetary ruler, optimistic Jupiter. There is a lot of open-mindedness in your relationships, friendships, and your ability to express yourself. You can ask for the freedom and space that you need with ease. There is trust in yourself. Be sure you are taking good care of your health as Mars and Venus join forces, asking you to indulge. The sun harmonizes with Neptune and you are in tune with everything around you—so make sure you’re surrounded with things that you would want to invite into your world. If you have to take some time out to ground yourself, drink a liter of water, and fold your laundry, go ahead. The party will still be there when you’re ready.

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