Cop Arrested For Capitol Riot Said He Wanted to ‘Fuck Up Some Commies’

He even wore a CPD hoodie to the attack on American democracy.
June 11, 2021, 8:56pm
Chicago Police Officer Karol Chwiesiuk was charged for storming the U.S. Capitol.
Chicago Police Officer Karol Chwiesiuk was charged for storming the U.S. Capitol. (Photo from Department of Justice)

A formerly active-duty Chicago cop has been charged with breaching the Capitol on January 6 and participating in the mob attack that brought the most powerful institutions in American politics to a standstill and threatened the lives of lawmakers in the process. 

The FBI was able to confirm that Chicago Police Department (CPD) officer Karol Chwiesiuk, not only participated in the infamous attack that killed five (including a fellow police officer), but he wore a CPD-branded hoodie while doing it and then bragged about being there. He was forced to give up his badge on June 2, faces multiple misdemeanor counts, and is awaiting trial.


According to the Department of Justice indictment against Chwiesiuk, the officer's geolocation information shows him traveling from Chicago to Washington, D.C., two days before January 6. Cell records from the day clearly place him inside Congress when the mob attack happened. The FBI also found an array of security images showing Chwiesiuk participating in the breach and obtained incriminating text messages littered with racist language, with clear admissions he participated in the breach.

Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 4.46.28 PM.png

Texts from Karol Chwiesiuk to a friend before the Capitol riots. (Justice Department)

Before he left for D.C. the now-suspended officer texted an associate that he was going to the ‘Stop the Steal’ rally spearheaded by President Trump, in order to “to save the nation” and to “fuck up commies.” In the same text exchange the day before the storming of the Capitol, Chwiesiuk admits to beating up a “commie.”

On January 6, Chwiesiuk showed up to the protest maskless and wearing a beige colored hoodie that clearly shows a “Chicago Police” symbol, something that helped the FBI corroborate his employment in the force. Later in the day as he texted selfies to the same associate from at the protest outside, he sent clear images of himself in the halls of Congress. 

“We inside the [Capitol] Lmfao,” Chwesiuk texted. 

The revelation a CPD officer is being charged with participating in the Capitol Hill attacks, comes only a day after another one of its officers, Robert Bakker, was suspended for his links to the Proud Boys, another far-right street fighting gang that was a major fixture on January 6.