Do Not Fear the TikTok Toilet. Embrace It.

This TikTok account is just videos of someone pouring cleaning products into a toilet and it is hypnotic (and also gross).
CrumblesQueen's toilet with neon pink streams of cleaning product.
Image Source: CrumblesQueen

CrumblesQueen's TikToks are truly disgusting, but that has not stopped them from going viral. In them, she pours many different brightly colored cleaning products into a toilet, and then mixes them around. While the initial color impact can be strangely beautiful, once you're mixing that many colors together you're guaranteed to make brown. On top of that, the many textures of the cleaning products, stacked until they reach the edge of the toilet seat, eventually makes them look like what you normally put in a toilet: dookie.


Many of the comments on these videos seem concerned about this user mixing together too many cleaning products, which can be dangerous. CrumblesQueen does pour huge quantities of dish soap, dish soap powder, powdered bleach, and various neon colored liquid cleaning products literally down a drain, and it makes me light headed to just think of standing in that room.

Despite my initial disgust, this kind of content is so difficult to scroll past. It's not just the colors, but the why? Why are you doing this? Many other people wonder this as well, given that the top comment on CrumblesQueen's most recent video is "Honestly what's the point of this? Huge waste of money." 

If you think about it, the answer does not seem all that mysterious. Cleaning things is pretty satisfying, especially bathrooms where you can really see your work in the all-white tiles. It is also super boring to do. When you scroll back past CrumbleQueen's recent spate of viral videos, you can see them fulfilling user requests for the different kinds of things that people want to see cleaned: sinks, bathtubs, and toilets all festooned in probably toxic cleaning products.

I have a real life bathroom that needs cleaning, and when I do it, I will probably only use one product. It's a plain white foam that comes out of a spray bottle, and it doesn't create a technicolor mural when I apply it. I don't think I would really want that, but I do not begrudge someone who has fun while cleaning the bathroom.