Weekly Horoscope: October 18 - 24

Scorpio season begins!
Robin Eisenberg

Enjoy the last vestiges of Libra season because the sun changes signs this week! There may be a lot of intense, argumentative, and impatient behaviors coming up, especially now that everyone’s ready to move forward with their ideas.

On Monday, October 18, the planet of higher knowledge, Jupiter, ends its retrograde. The past few months have been about reflecting on our beliefs and educations. But as Jupiter and Mercury end their retrogrades on the same day, we’re feeling less introspective. Mercury ends its retrograde at 11:16 AM on Monday, and the day that Mercury retrograde ends tends to be more frustrating, so remember to be soft—people are not machines! This is a moment of total pause. Listen to your thoughts.


There’s a lot of energy, and you need to watch out for overexertion as action planet Mars harmonizes with over-the-top Jupiter, also on Monday, at 10:36 PM. The full moon in Aries arrives on Wednesday, October 20, at 10:56 AM, and there needs to be a balance between independence and unity. If people are feeling smothered or tied down, they can lash out or bring up conversations about personal space.

Tempers can get carried away as fiery Mars clashes with power planet Pluto on Friday, October 22 at 12:19 AM. What good do passive aggressive jabs or manipulation tactics do? This is a productive time to change your behaviors and break out of old patterns.

Scorpio season begins on Saturday, October 23, at 12:51 AM as the sun enters Scorpio! This is a time when the superficial simply does not cut it anymore, and we’re plunging to the depths of our emotions.

All times ET.


This Mercury retrograde has had you more introspective about your partnerships, thinking about past conversations—but now that Mercury retrograde is over, these conversations hit a wall. It might be hard to see past some things, since your brain can get stuck on details, but it will get easier moving forward! Your planetary ruler Mars harmonizes with Jupiter, bringing a lot of excitement and will to tackle your dreams with your partners. There may be some conflict with authority, however, as Mars clashes with Pluto. The full moon in your sign happens once a year, and it inspires you to appreciate all of your friends and partners who have helped make you who you are today! You might be ready to let go of some ideas you had about yourself, too. Feelings and people change.



Jupiter, the planet of growth, ends its retrograde in your chart’s fame sector. You’ve been reflecting on opportunities to put yourself out there, and now you’re ready to spend the rest of the year making yourself worthy of applause! Mercury also ends its retrograde in your chart’s house of work and daily routine—there may be delays in your day job or payments dealing with your glamorous and artistic lifestyle. If anyone has patience to deal with this, it’s you, Taurus! You have a lot of willpower to tackle your career-related tasks as Mars harmonizes with Jupiter…just remember to take breaks! The full moon reveals a secret as it falls in a very mysterious sector of your chart. You get to see something from an angle that you never have before.


Your planetary ruler Mercury ends its retrograde in your chart’s house of sex and creativity. It can be easy for you to get stuck on a certain train of thought, or to feel like your typically quick wit is slowed down, but your creative drive is high as Mars harmonizes with Jupiter, giving you the stamina to express your beliefs and worldview. The full moon corresponds with an event in your social and creative life, and it can be a moment when you have a better understanding of your sexuality, too. Scorpio season will put you in a strict routine—be sure you start it off by living the life that you want to live, whether that means reading, praying, or connecting with your feelings every day.



Although Mercury retrograde is over, this week begins with some mental stagnation. Mental health is incredibly important, and how you take your time to practice social hygiene in private is a highlight of this recent Mercury retrograde. While Libra season is about partnership, for you, dear Cancer, it’s about rest and rejuvenation—which certainly doesn’t need to happen alone. But alone time is important sometimes. The full moon illuminates your chart’s fame sector, putting you in a place of prominence and recognition. You’re able to detect and attack manipulative behaviors, but people are feeling argumentative or even aggressive. If you absolutely need to deescalate a situation, bring a buddy.


Now that Jupiter retrograde is over, you can spend the rest of the year trusting that your partners will hold it down and keep your glass filled. Mercury retrograde finally ends in your chart’s house of communication and contracts, which can feel like certain things are hitting a wall. You’re still trying to get the price and the payment details right. Things need to pause before they can return to normal programming. Mars harmonizes with Jupiter, and your ideas are attracting enthusiastic partners who want to help! The full moon in fellow fire sign Aries makes your beliefs clear. You’re sharing some of your writing or having a conversation with someone that brings more clarity and understanding.



Your planetary ruler Mercury ends its retrograde in your chart’s money sector! Before the delays and financial inconveniences can come to an end, they just need to take a little break. If planets can take a break, so can you, Virgo—some purchases can wait! Mercury retraces its retrograde steps over the next few weeks, helping clean up whatever dust accumulated on its days off. The full moon helps bring clarity to a financial issue, but this time you’re able to recognize what people—and committed relationships—can and cannot offer you. Scorpio season begins this weekend, and you’re going to be a little more busy and communicative. Take the time to get to know your neighbors and neighborhood, or catch up with your siblings if you have them.


You’ve been reflecting a lot on who you are and how you express yourself this Mercury retrograde, and now that Mercury ends its retrograde, you might be feeling a little crammed. Remember to make space for yourself, Libra. You can issue rejections, politely as ever. The planet of war, Mars, has been in your sign, the sign of peace, for a while, and now Mars harmonizes with Jupiter, giving you tons of confidence and wherewithal! Mars also clashes with power planet Pluto, which could stir up manipulative behaviors and seedy power dynamics at home. The full moon in Aries is a good time for you to really appreciate the relationships in your life…or to see yourself as an individual, apart from them! Scorpio season is going to help you get your bank account in order.



Jupiter, the planet of beliefs, ends its retrograde in your chart’s house of home and family, giving you more space to upgrade your domestic life. Not only is Jupiter retrograde finished, but Mercury retrograde ends, too! This Mercury retrograde taught you how to ask for privacy or communicate when you feel lonely, since it had you thinking about things from a totally different standpoint. Your planetary ruler Mars harmonizes with Jupiter and clashes with Pluto, the planet of secrets. You can find a way to do something about the stuff that irritates you. The full moon brings important work projects—or something you’ve been working on—to fruition. Scorpio season asks that you think more about how you serve yourself, and less about how you serve your friends.


Your planetary ruler Jupiter ends its retrograde in your house of communication and research. Although you have big dreams and a greater perspective, it’s time to figure out how to implement them on a local scale. Mercury retrograde ends, too, which has you ready to communicate more openly about your hopes and how they fit into community involvement. Does your vision for the future match your partner’s? Did you make the loftiest goals possible (a good thing)? The full moon in fellow fire sign Aries brings an impulsive and fun social atmosphere—just be on your best behavior because people can be quick to lash out if they feel threatened! Use whatever aggravated feelings you have to make art, instead of stirring the pot.



Mercury ends its retrograde in your chart’s house of public reputation, creating some delays, especially when it comes to your travel itinerary and daily routines. It’s annoying to wait for people in positions of authority when you have a plane to catch or a doctor’s appointment to make! This can be a moment when you are ready to step into your own authority, having spent this retrograde reflecting on your relationship to power. Action planet Mars clashes with Pluto and you may feel like you’re really being tested by someone holding something over your head. Try to keep your composure. The full moon in Aries reveals something about your home and family life, bringing insight to your financial situation and your own behavioral loops and impulses.


Jupiter ends its retrograde in your sign, which can bring you a moment to switch on your payments and your objectives. You are the one who says when, and after having some time to think about it, you’re ready to charge ahead! Mercury also ends its retrograde in fellow air sign Libra, bringing radio static to your education and travels—expect to take a few detours on your journey, at least for now! The full moon in Aries is an exciting time to learn by doing, but it can also put you in a defensive mindset. Look out for conversations that turn into verbal sparring. Scorpio season begins, which is your time to shine! You’re going to be getting attention for your accomplishments, and recognized as an authority in your field.


Your planetary ruler Jupiter ends its retrograde in a very secretive sector of your chart and after doing some deep, meta, psycho-nautical exploration, you’re ready to expand your ability to find peace and protection in places that you cannot control. For the remainder of the year, you’re in a meditative space. Mercury retrograde ends in your chart’s house of shared resources, which can bring delays and issues to shared housing payments or general bill-splitting, but we’re finally moving forward in these areas from here on out! The full moon falls in your chart’s house of money and resources, revealing some truth about how you feel on the topic, or simply bringing an important item into your hands. You’re out of the dark as the sun changes signs, shifting your focus to broader horizons.

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