Marjorie Taylor Greene Raised Millions of Dollars Doing Nothing at Work

The freshman representative who’s spent weeks trying to stop Congress from doing its job has raked in millions since January.
April 8, 2021, 2:36pm
February 5, 2021 - Washington, DC, United States: U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) speaking at a press conference just outside the Capitol at the House Triangle. (Photo by Michael Brochstein/Sipa USA)(Sipa via AP Images)

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During her first three months as a member of Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene was removed from her committees after her history of endorsing violence against her now-colleagues on Facebook came to light, and she has spent weeks trying to adjourn sessions of the House in order to stop Congress from doing its job. 


For all of her incredible work, more than 100,000 of Greene’s fans helped her pull in $3.2 million since January, she said Wednesday. (First quarter-fundraising totals must be filed to the Federal Election Commission by April 15.)

For comparison, this is several hundred thousand dollars more than the top two Democratic House fundraisers in the third quarter of 2019 received combined. During this period, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raised $1.42 million and Rep. Adam Schiff raised $1.26 million as the top two Democratic fundraisers in the House. 

“I am humbled, overjoyed, and so excited to announce what happened over the past few months as I have been the most attacked freshman member of Congress in history,” Greene told CNN in a statement. "I stood my ground and never wavered in my belief in America First policies and putting People Over Politicians! And I will NEVER back down! As a matter of fact, I'm just getting started."

The Georgia congresswoman has drawn outsized attention since her primary win last year due to her embrace of the QAnon conspiracy theory, which she tried to distance herself from—sort of—in February.  Greene has also adopted more traditional forms of right-wing cruelty since entering office. In February, she deliberately misgendered Democratic Rep. Marie Newman’s transgender daughter, and after Newman posted a trans pride flag outside her office across the hall, Greene posted a sign outside her own office that said: “There are two genders, male and female.” 

Greene’s eye-popping fundraising haul could help dissuade potential challengers in 2022. Greene currently represents one of the most conservative districts in Georgia, winning her general election last year with three quarters of the vote against a Democratic candidate who moved to Indiana before the election even took place

But Greene has very quickly turned into one of the most prominent Republicans in the country, which along with her brand of radical reactionary politics has made her a magnet for opposition. Two Democrats have already announced that they’d run against her in 2022. And though no Republicans have announced they would primary her, the man Greene beat in the 2020 primary, surgeon John Cowan, is thinking about another run, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported in February

Additionally, Georgia is redrawing its congressional districts this year. Greene’s seat itself is a product of blatant gerrymandering, and some Georgia Republicans have suggested making her district more challenging or drawing her into a district with another Republican such as Rep. Barry Loudermilk, the Journal-Constitution reported.

“I’ll put it in simple terms: Rep. Greene is an embarrassment to Georgia,” Republican state Rep. Bert Reeves told the Journal-Constitution. “She is the face of radical political extremism, and we don’t need that distraction.”