Jeremy Corbyn Plays ‘Doom’ Mod About Killing Margaret Thatcher

The independent MP digitally slaughtered the former PM at a charity event over the weekend.
3D: Doom Daddy Digital art.

Former Labour Party MP and British Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn fought Margaret Thatcher Cyberdemons over the weekend…in a modified version of the video game Doom. Corbyn played an arcade cabinet version of the game at The World Transformed, a festival of radical politics, art and culture that started in Liverpool over the weekend.

The Doom mod is called Thatcher’s Techbase, a year-old overhaul of Doom that’s got five levels, new assets, and a soundtrack from Barry "Epoch" Topping, the man who wrote music for Paradise Killer. It’s a straightforward mod. “The dead speak!” A title sequence explained. “The world has heard a mysterious broadcast, a threat of revenge in the sinister voice of the late Baroness Margaret Thatcher. Faced with the return of one of humanity’s greatest threats, you have no choice but to head to the tenth circle of hell: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and investigate the underworld fortress known as…Thatcher’s Techbase.

Then the Doomguy explores the world of Doom done over with British symbols. Keep Calm and Carry On posters plaster the walls, most of the villains have color swapped palettes that make the blue, and a zombified Thatcher stares at the player from various portraits.

It was created by Jim Purvis who released the mod as a WAD on Github on September 24, 2021. He ported the whole thing into an arcade cabinet for The World Transformed, with a special focus on raising for Living Rent, a Scottish tenant’s union.

Purvis posted pictures of Corbyn playing the arcade cabinet on Twitter and said that Corbyn enjoyed the game. “Me in 2020: haha imagine thatcher was in doom, that would be funny wouldn't it. Me in 2022: Mr. Corbyn, try using the super shotgun on CyberThatcher,” he said on Twitter.