Support New Work By David Fussell, from Our 'Homeless Film Director' Documentary

David's photography is part of a 2021 calendar put together by Cafe Art, a social enterprise by and for people affected by homelessness.
October 5, 2020, 3:55pm
Support New Work By David Fussell From Our 'Homeless Film Director' Film
Image: VICE

In 2019, VICE released The Homeless Film Director, which followed the story of filmmaker David Fussell as he tried to make his film Mystic Demon Killer while homeless. Our documentary followed Fussell as approached the cinema premiere of the movie, after spending four-and-a-half years working on it.

Also a keen photographer outside of filmmaking, Fussell regularly contributes imagery to the annual MyWorld calendar, curated by Cafe Art – a social enterprise by and for people affected by homelessness – and sells the calendars in person on markets and at train stations.

As with many other face-to-face activities, this year, the COVID-19 pandemic will prevent these in-person sales, which are crucial to the project’s success.

David Fussell CafeArt 2021

So, instead, Cafe Art is producing the calendar (as well as cards and printed photographs) on a pre-sale basis in order to best serve their contributors and vendors. As well as David’s photo – seen above – the 2021 calendar contains images submitted by people affected by homelessness in cities like Budapest, New Orleans, São Paolo, Sydney and Toronto.

Orders can be made here, and you can use David’s promo code – DHF2021 – so that he gets the same commission he’d see from in-person sales.