Saturn in Aquarius, the sign of the water-bearer

What Saturn in Aquarius Means for Your Future

The planet of boundaries and commitment enters Aquarius, bringing 2020's biggest energy shift—and insight about what the next three years have in store for you.

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Saturn, the planet of time and commitment, spends about two and a half to three years in a zodiac sign, and takes months to slowly transition from one sign to the next as it retrogrades through each. Saturn represents our hardships and the lessons we learn in this lifetime. It can also indicate things that we fear or worry about, as well as how we deal with authority. Saturn’s transits inform us how society deals with its structures of organization and government, including hierarchy, rules, borders, and security.


Saturn has been in Capricorn since 2017, revealing the structural changes that need to be made to national and global governments, as well as society’s relationship to status, authority, and power. For many, the last few years of Saturn in Capricorn offered lessons on commitment, ancestral lineages, discipline, personal and professional boundaries, and responsibility.

This Saturday, March 21, Saturn enters Aquarius at 11:57 PM ET, where it will remain until March 7 2023. Its entrance and transit through Aquarius reflects the significance of information in our technologically-oriented world and how it can divide or unite us.

Saturn in Aquarius will find us taking our future much more seriously. Aquarius is the sign of the collective and Saturn is the planet of commitment, so this combination can manifest as commitments to your community or building friendships and networks that stand the test of time. While Saturn was in earth sign Capricorn, it recognized the limits of material resources; Saturn in air sign Aquarius finds people and social groups to be a more important resource. Saturn in Capricorn found us looking to the past for clues about our history, and Saturn in Aquarius knows all the rules so that they can break and update them.

In Capricorn, Saturn focused our attention on maintaining the structures we and our ancestors have worked to build over time. But Saturn’s most recent transit through the earth sign also brought it into Pluto’s sphere, pointing to the crumbling of expired traditions and a need to dismantle toxic nationalism. The system is broken and needs work—Saturn and Pluto together showed the weaknesses and dark underbelly of governments, on a global scale!


There is a noticeable shift in energy as Saturn moves from Capricorn to Aquarius—arguably the biggest of the year! Saturn’s time in Aquarius will offer many fresh perspectives and avenues for making the changes that need to be implemented, but it won’t come without a lot of disruption to the current status quo. As soon as Saturn ingresses into Aquarius on March 21, it will be in a widely-applying square to Uranus in Taurus until mid-April, when the planets get four degrees of distance between them. That means we’re likely to feel less stability as new policies emerge and borders continue to tighten or change shape. Still, social justice and humanitarian efforts will make big strides during Saturn’s time in Aquarius.

Working remotely from home will continue to be picked up by more companies as advantages are realized and the health of worldwide communities necessitates. Considering that Aquarius is a symbol intimately tied to the internet, we’ll find our current self-isolation period to be a time when the transmission of information is critical but also limited, as new developments change storylines and news gets twisted in a game of telephone.

Although we’re more likely to lean toward scientific rational while Saturn is in Aquarius, there will still be an interesting dynamic between scientific communities and spiritual folks as Aquarius is both academically and religiously-oriented. Saturn in Aquarius encourages us to elevate the mind, but we’ll have to be mindful not to fall into reductionism or dogmatic beliefs. As the planet of reality, Saturn in Aquarius will lead us to redefine what is possible.


There is huge potential for new social structures with Saturn in Aquarius, and the dissemination of information is crucial to making the world go ‘round at this time, so we can expect society and investors to push for technological advances, including breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Being able to navigate various tech tools and software will become more important than ever over the next few years as Saturn places great limitations on those who aren’t with the times.

Here’s how Saturn in Aquarius will affect your sign:


Social affairs become more significant for you during Saturn’s transit through Aquarius. Your friends and allies will feel like a weighty aspect of your life, so don’t be surprised if it takes a minute to adjust to the changes you’ll be experiencing in the early part of this transit—especially while Saturn is clashing with Uranus in Taurus. Fairweather friends will come and go at a faster pace during this time, but toward the end of Saturn’s time in Aquarius you’ll know who you can count on and who you want to stand by. Saturn symbolizes boundaries and exclusivity and you could find it takes more effort or more attention to be part of a group that you resonate with. In Aquarius, Saturn will encourage you to focus on changing the status quo and doing things much differently than they’ve been done. Be mindful that you’re not joining people to rebel just for the sake of rebellion though, Aries. Saturn in Aquarius is an opportunity to find a crowd of people that don’t bat an eye at your quirks and who actually care enough to do something about the causes you know matter.


Saturn’s transit through Aquarius will push and inspire you to know your place in the world. The next few years will feel like a serious coming of age phase and it’s during this time that you’ll work harder to establish your mark on society. If you’ve been dedicating the last few years to higher education, this will most likely be the time when you’re graduating and stepping out into the world to find a job in the field you’ve prepared yourself for. Authority figures will come to the forefront of your awareness as your ideas about leadership evolve, and you’ll be asked to consider how much authority and responsibility you truly want to take on. If you find yourself feeling trapped or constrained by the demands of your career, this could be a turning point where you start fresh and pursue a calling that fits your highest ambitions. Either way, Saturn in Aquarius will wake you up to the social ladders that exist on the path you want to follow and the rigorous work you’ll be asked to put in to reach the level of success you’re aiming for. If the idea or definition of success seems far off to you right now, you’ll soon find yourself dedicating more attention to what the concept means to you.



Saturn’s transit through Aquarius pushes you to consolidate and seek clarity about how you believe the world works. Whether this involves seeking through travel, studying new things as a form of higher learning, finding a wise teacher, or becoming devoted to a specific religious practice, you are about to become a lot more realistic, pragmatic, and dedicated to these aspects of your life. New and novel things that come into your life, as well as opposing perspectives, will be more carefully scrutinized than they have before, and you may go through a period of deep introspection, trying to figure out why things are the way they are rather than accepting them at face value. Gaps in knowledge and understanding are more keenly felt than they were in the past, and you may get the sudden urge to commit yourself to regimented study in order to gain a proficient perspective that will bring you respect in your career in the future. You are about to fully understand the importance of having a rationale, belief system, or philosophical framework.


With Saturn’s transit through Aquarius, you are coming face to face with other people’s impressions and values. Sometimes this is addressed by dealing with matters involving other people’s money, consolidating debts, or taking out a loan. Other times this involves clashing with other people’s opinions, and learning how to live with other people’s perspectives while maintaining your own integrity and bottom line. If you have been relying on others too much, you are likely to encounter situations that require you to stand on your own two feet, while others will learn how to cooperate and depend on others in order to reach their goals. Sometimes this transit brings up feelings about your own mortality or some form of loss, which ultimately helps you see what matters most to you at the end of the day.



The meaning of commitment becomes a greater focus of yours during Saturn’s transit in Aquarius, and you’ll be encouraged to spend time and energy on relationships that offer more stability to your life. Saturn binds things and people together—but Saturn also symbolizes boundaries. If you’re romantically involved with someone but haven’t defined your relationship, Saturn will nudge you to do so. In Aquarius, Saturn reflects a need for clarity and communication, especially when it comes to what you do and don’t want in a partnership. As the planet of tough love and limitation, Saturn could also reflect growing pains in your partnerships—including business-oriented partnerships. The mood can feel icy or indifferent between you and those you’re closest to during this transit, but if tension rises to the point where you don’t feel like you can be yourself anymore, you’ll need to discuss boundaries or maybe even move on from the relationship. If you find yourself ending a partnership during Saturn’s transit through Aquarius, consider it an opportunity to better understand what you need from a committed relationship and how to be a reliable partner.


Saturn in Aquarius asks you to consider how overextended you may be. Saturn in Capricorn coaxed you to postpone personal projects or recreational activities in service of productivity, which left you in a bit of creativity debt—but Saturn in Aquarius comes to collect it! Though it’s tough for you to relax your ambitions, Saturn doesn't ask for a full work stoppage; just a refocus. It’s a great time to try a new art form, pick up a project you've put on the back burner, or simply put less pressure on yourself to be productive. If you play well with Saturn in Aquarius, it can help you get more serious about the specific areas where your efforts can make the most impact. Similarly, the relief of Saturn exiting Capricorn leaves a vacuum of self-care that, when indulged, helps fuel your newly-honed productivity.



Superfluous intimate relationships aggravate your Saturn as it enters Aquarius. Lately, relationships have acted as a welcome relief from your strict workload—but Saturn in Aquarius calls you out on the half-assed parts of your relationships, encouraging you to treat your heart with more respect and care. Similarly, this transit asks you to act in a straightforward way when making deals or interpersonal agreements—you've got to solidify your rules of engagement before Saturn in Pisces in the future improves your ability to blur the lines. If you've struggled with health issues in the past few years, try to crack the case again as hidden pressures may ease up with Saturn in Aquarius. Respect is more important in your relationships than ever. This is a time to carve out space in your social circle and creative life takes your pleasure and your happiness seriously. Work through your creative blocks or any hesitancy to self-express by throwing perfectionism out the window and recognizing that your friends will appreciate your work no matter how high your personal standards are.


As Saturn transits through Aquarius, your focus shifts to a more internal perspective. Nothing appears to be going on at the surface, but when you dig deep, you may notice that your emotional world—as well as the things you base feelings of security on—are being overhauled, leading you to become more resilient. Your emotional wellbeing, family issues, and the topic of housing become more pressing with Saturn’s transit. You could move to a new home, make your first home purchase, add a member to the family, or deal with longstanding emotional issues that hamper your wellbeing. Now is an excellent time to seek professional help from a counselor or psychotherapist, spend time writing in your journal, and reflect on your feelings, as you’re ready to make productive emotional changes that leave you feeling more stable and secure than you have in the past. Tending to your emotional world in a productive, positive way will set you up for success in the following 14 years.



In Aquarius, Saturn asks you to become more discerning in your thought processes. This transit reflects a period when you’re feeling serious-minded and interested in diving deeper into new learning opportunities. If you have a habit of speaking freely and off the cuff, you could find this a challenging time when you’re nudged to think and pause before speaking as your words carry more weight. Alternatively, it could feel harder to articulate yourself in the way you would like, which makes this a great time to work on your communication skills and spend time meditating on what your genuine thoughts are on topics that are important to you. Signing up for workshops and online courses could be commitments you’re interested in during this transit—but be mindful that people will expect you to take learning seriously. You’re also not likely to travel far from your local area during this time as Saturn restricts movement, but it’s a great opportunity to get more involved in your community. Don’t be afraid to share your originality during the next few years, because you’ll realize new ideas and how to share them in ways you’ve always wanted to, but never knew how!


Saturn’s time in Aquarius shifts your attention to responsible financial practices. You’ve already seen major growth during Saturn’s time in Capricorn as you’ve been asked to step up and mature in profound ways, but this Saturn transit takes your development to a new level as you figure out what’s most valuable and important to you. With Saturn in Aquarius, you could find that your values are more oriented toward technological investments, social welfare, and intellectual material. Your sense of morality and intrinsic sense of self-worth is equally as important as your financial resources, though you may feel as if you’re being tested in both of these areas of your life. It’s possible that you must now deal with responsible budgeting and watch your expenditures more carefully as money may feel less abundant than it has in the past. If this becomes an issue, take time to think about why money matters and what you would like to spend on, and what restriction in this area of your life teaches you about what you actually value. If you haven’t already, now may be the time to think about financial planning so you can ensure that your needs are met in the future.


While Saturn was in Capricorn, you spent much of your time consolidating your life and letting go of outmoded ways of relating to others. A relationship, job, or other major aspect of your life may have ended within the last few years, creating space for something better. You’re about to go on a new journey of personal discovery—and willing be picking up lots of responsibilities along the way! Be honest about what you want and what you need as you expand your personal boundaries, so you can create a life that’s more tailored to who you are today. You may find that you feel tired, discouraged, withdrawn, or lacking resolve, but it’s important that you keep pushing forward. Approach new opportunities and responsibilities earnestly, and use introspection to decide what does and doesn’t fit into your future vision.


When Saturn was in Capricorn, your focus was on figuring out your hopes and dreams and making sure that you built solid friendships and social circles to carry you through the next 30 years. Saturn in Aquarius tests your existential thoughts and ephemeral theories, offering you the opportunity to cast off the shadows that threaten and torment you in favor of your truest intuition. Avoiding Saturn's lessons may result in you falling prey to fear or dread, while embracing them may solidify your ability to act on instinct. During this transit, the more you consciously flush out what haunts you, the more prepared you’ll be to make direct change in your world over the following years. If you find these lessons too imposing, gather strength from the social bonds you’ve forged up until now—your networks have communal knowledge about the path ahead.

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