John McAfee No Longer Willing to Eat His Dick on TV

The, uhh, presidential candidate has flip-flopped on his infamous Bitcoin bet.
John McAfee promised he would eat his dick if Bitcoin price hit $1 million, but is now backing out of that bet.
Bloomberg / Contributor

Back in 2017, antivirus magnate, and sometimes presidential candidate/fugitive John McAfee was buying into the hype about Bitcoin’s surging value, hard. Asked if a single Bitcoin would be worth $500,000 within three years, McAfee responded: "if not, I will eat my dick on national television."

He doubled down a few months later, tweeting "I now predict Bircoin [sic] at $1 million by the end of 2020. I will still eat my dick if wrong."


As of today, January 6, 2020, one Bitcoin is valued at approximately $7,533. The Dickening, a site that tracks the progress of McAfee's bet, estimates that the cryptocurrency would need to grow an average of $2,756 per day for the next 360 days in order to reach $1 million. Unless something extraordinary happens to the world economy in the next 12 months, it is basically guaranteed that McAfee will lose the bet.

On Saturday, however, McAfee tweeted that he will not eat his own dick on TV, despite his promises, and that the bet was, in fact, a "ruse" to boost Bitcoin's value.

In 2019, McAfee doubled down on the promise multiple times. In April, he claimed it was "mathematically impossible" for Bitcoin to be worth less than $1 million by December 31, 2020, and implored followers to “brush up your basic math skills and run some f*^#$ng numbers.” In July, he tweeted that he was "still positive" about the $1 million bet. In October, he claimed that if it was worth less than $2 million then "mathematics itself is a flawed discipline."

When one follower replied to McAfee's tweet that he will not eat his on dick saying "word is bond john," McAfee exploded: “Wake the fuck up. What idiot thinks anyone is going to eat their own dick ever? Especially in TV!! Are you that idiot? God .. I hope none of my followers are that stupid.”

We hope so too.