Florence Pugh's Old YouTube Video Is the Only Acceptable 'Wonderwall' Cover

No, you do not need to upload your version to YouTube as well, thanks.
Bettina Makalintal
Brooklyn, US
Screenshot via YouTube

The vast canon of acoustic covers of "Wonderwall" has finally found its star—and no, it's definitely not that cargo shorts-wearing dude named Mark who always, somehow, manifests an acoustic guitar and is basically the "anyway, here's 'Wonderwall'" meme personified.

In the year of our Lord 2020, we've found a small blessing from one of the past year's breakout actresses: Florence Pugh. Despite being solidly within the very, very, very well tread territory of "acoustic YouTube covers shot on a webcam in a bedroom," Pugh's ancient-in-internet-years cover of Oasis' most overdone song has proven to actually be an absolute gem. Seriously, just listen and watch:

Before Pugh, the actress, fell victim to the madness of a creepy Swedish cult in Midsommar and used molds of her feet (tiny! perfect, even!) to woo Timothée Chalamet in Little Women, she was just another a girl trying to make it on YouTube as an internet singer, Vulture has unearthed.

While testing out the stage name "Flossie Rose" and wearing an amount of eyeliner only truly acceptable in the previous decade, Pugh played the acoustic guitar in grainy, homemade 240p YouTube videos. Pugh, who comes from a family of musicians, uploaded her original songs and covers onto a YouTube channel with her name that dates back to at least 2013 and still has 11 videos as of this writing. And surprise! She's actually very good!

Alas, with that, we must implore you: please, you do not need to upload your version of "Wonderwall" to the internet, nor do you need to play it at parties or sing it at karaoke, open mics, or anywhere that isn't the shower. We have heard it all before, and someone has already done it better anyway, especially Florence Pugh.