Seth Green's Apes Gone, Begs Internet Not to Buy Them

Actor, comedian, and current Web3 guy Seth Green has fallen victim to an extremely common hack.
Seth Green's Apes Gone, Begs Internet Not to Buy Them
Image: Mark Sagliocco / Contributor via Getty Images

Actor, comedian, and current Web3 guy Seth Green's apes gone. 

In a tweet on Tuesday, Green announced that he'd been phished by scammers who stole several high-value NFTs from his crypto wallet. He also implored anybody reading not to buy the NFTs from the scammers, and tagged one of the buyers to arrange some kind of fix. 

"Well frens it happened to me. Got phished and had 4NFT stolen. @BoredApeYC @opensea @doodles @yugalabs please don’t buy or trade these while I work to resolve: @DarkWing84 looks like you bought my stolen ape- hit me up so we can fix it," Green tweeted. 

Green has jumped into Web3 as of late, even launching his own NFT collection called PizzaBots in partnership with Heavy Metal Magazine. He's also teamed up with DJ and fellow crypto promoter Steve Aoki on an NFT-linked animated series

According to blockchain records, the phishing attack happened nine days ago. The stolen NFTs were one Bored Ape and two Mutant Apes, as well as one NFT from the Doodles collection. The Bored Ape was sold for over $200,000 by the hacker, and the Mutant Ape for $42,200. The other two NFTs are worth a combined $70,000 based on their collections' floor price. The NFTs and Green's account have been marked as suspicious and potentially compromised on OpenSea.

Phishing attacks are extremely common in the NFT space, since all it takes is connecting your wallet to the wrong website for all your valuable tokens to be irrevocably swiped. Green's incident is reminiscent of previous hacks whose victims took to social media to beg for help from OpenSea and other users.