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Petition Time! Fans Ask Charli XCX to Unleash Unreleased Music

Good to see being used for its highest possible purpose.

Last November, Charli performed in Los Angeles for Red Bull Sound Select's 30 Days in Los Angeles series, alongside her frequent collaborator SOPHIE. The gig saw her play a number of brand new songs which fans had hoped they'd be hearing on a release soon after. But, a year has passed, and despite the release of a mixtape, Number One Angel, back in March, they're still thirsty for the elusive studio versions of the tracks from that set.


So, they have taken their cause to the next level. Like many who are galvanised by their convictions these days, Charli XCX fans (otherwise known as Charli's Angels) have started a petition in the hope of convincing The UK's Best Popstar™ to drop the damn tracks. They outline their plight thus:

Charli+SOPHIE, you have so many fans that love your work so much and believe that it is some of the most underrated in the music industry at the moment. We ask that you could please just consider giving us these songs: TKO, Daddy Knows, Taxi, Hey Boy Hey Girl, and Round+Round (bop!!). We all have spent so much time listening to live versions over, and over, and over, and over again in hopes that someday you will bless us Angels with these amazing songs.

How could you say no in the face of such sincerity?

Charli is known for her productivity (remember when she made an entire album in a weekend with A.G. Cook for a laugh?), so it's quite possible that these songs are some of those which "will never see the light of day" as she put it to The Fader back in May. For the sake of the fans, however, perhaps she'll put them out as a benevolent Christmas gift – or at least drop a new SOPHIE collab to satiate their hunger.

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