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Jai Paul and A.K Paul's 'Institute' Have Released Two New Songs

Days after announcing the west London location of The Paul Institute, the brothers introduce new artists Fabiana Palladino and Ruthven.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

It's been a minute since we've received a text from Jai and A.K Paul. Instead of a mailing list, the brothers send information regarding their latest venture, The Paul Institute, via text message – a move that's reminiscent in one way or another of a bygone British era when rave locations were passed on using text.

Last time round The Paul Institute presented their debut release, "Landcruisin'" from A.K Paul. However since announcing earlier this week that they'd secured a building to house their Institute, they have today released music by two new artists: Fabiana Palladino and Ruthven.

So, it seems, The Paul Institute is something of a label – a place for the two brothers to nurture new artists. For now you can only listen to the songs on the website, which you can sign up for here. To describe them in but a few words though: imagine two songs that have travelled back through space and into your ears, with some untold level of melodic steez and that special Paul touch.

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