This Is What Aphex Twin's Hell-Born Children Look Like Now, Feel Old Yet?

The image accompanies "T69 Collapse," the first single from Aphex Twin's forthcoming 'Collapse' EP.
August 7, 2018, 3:31pm
Image via PR

Remember the terrifying bastard children who wreaked havoc in the video for Aphex Twin's twisted 1999 hit "Come to Daddy"? Well they're all grown up now, and, as you can see in the image above, they've morphed into one horrible mass of digitized flesh.

Richard D. James this morning confirmed that the Collapse EP, the first Aphex Twin release since 2016's Cheetah, will be out via Warp Records on September 14. The announcement comes alongside a new single, "T69 Collapse," and a disorienting video created by Weirdcore. It's a digital deconstruction of Cornish landscapes, a constant glitch, and a bad trip that James' distorted image keeps interfering with. The thing didn't pass Adult Swim's epilepsy test, so it didn't go out on TV last night, but you can watch it below via YouTube (with the very obvious caveat that it didn't pass an epilepsy test.)

Congratulations to the grown-up bastard children.

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