Serena Williams Wanted Italian Food So Her Husband Flew Her to Venice

When the Greatest of All Time™ craves pasta, what else will do?
Phoebe Hurst
London, GB
Photo via Flickr user Yann Caradec

For most people, if a craving for Italian food strikes, we a) buy a bag of ready-made spinach and ricotta tortellini and be done with it or b) spend half an hour searching Deliveroo before deciding that £11 is too much to pay for tagliatelle, and end up eating sad packet spaghetti with Parmesan from the back of the fridge.

This is not the case for multiple Grand Slam-winning, world number one-ranked, catsuit queen Serena Williams. When she fancies fresh pasta, she flies to Italy.


On Sunday, the tennis star’s husband—Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian—posted a photo to Instagram showing he and Williams sitting together, as she enjoys a glass of wine. He captioned it, “She wanted Italian for dinner, so…” and included “Venezia, Italia” as the location.

It seems the couple, who married late last year, 18 months after a chance meeting at a hotel in Rome, may have taken the trip to Venice with their ten-month-old daughter Alexis Olympia. In a later post on the social media site, Ohanian shared a photo of the city and wrote: “Venezia made a great first impression on the family. We'll certainly be back.” The tech entrepreneur also shared photos of the city’s narrow streets and famous gondola-filled canals.

Sadly, there were no shots on either Ohanian or Williams’ Instagram profiles of the food they ate during their Italian trip, so it’s up to us to wonder whether they sampled Venice’s notorious squid ink pasta, or if baby Alexis had her first taste of a fritto misto platter.

Williams, who lost to German player Angelique Kerber in this year’s Wimbledon women’s singles, is far from the only celebrity to go to extreme lengths when indulging a food craving. In 2015, Kim Kardashian flew to New Orleans to eat beignets from Cafe du Monde and Drake reportedly spent thousands of pounds on Nando's and Domino's pizza during his UK tour.

Sadly, us lesser mortals will have to make do with popping to the 24-hour Tesco when we get a 1 AM fancy for potato waffles.