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Dril, the Only Account on Twitter, Has a Book Now

'Dril Official Mr. Ten Years Anniversary Collection' appears to be 420 pages long.
Screenshots via @dril

If you’ve never heard of Twitter user @dril, that’s fine. You’re probably very healthy emotionally and are having fun playing sports or whatever. Everyone else will be pleased to know that dril, a.k.a. wint, the mysterious king of “Weird Twitter,” the person responsible for making “buddy they won’t even let me fuck it” and “sorry. Im sorry. Im trying to remove it” generation-defining catchphrases, is coming out with a book.


Titled Dril Official "Mr. Ten Years" Anniversary Collection, the book is 420 pages long (of course) and features “OVER 70 ORIGINAL ART WORK,” “OVER 1500 OF GOOD POSTS- TEN YEARS OF CONTENT,” and “TRUTH WITH OUT THE FILTER,” according to its listing on Amazon.

“after 10 years, of posting, the Book has arrived at last,” reads a post on Dril’s website announcing the tome. “Containing over 1500 ‘Cream of the Crop’ tweets, hand picked by The Boss, sorted categorically and accompanied by over 70 stunning Illustrations, this book is a Must Have for all admirers of Prestige Content.”

Ordinarily, throwing together a book full of old tweets would seem pretty lazy, but given how much legit influence dril has had on Twitter humor and online culture at large, everybody probably owes the account at least 20 bucks (assuming, of course, you’ve budgeted properly).

Early reviews of the book are already looking positive.

Even if Dril Official "Mr. Ten Years" Anniversary Collection doesn’t sound like the book for you, fear not. “That's fine,” says Dril on his website. “Some say there's a 2nd book, coming early 2019…”

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